Sunday, 16 December 2007

Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree

Well today I felt very Christmassy. I put the tree decorations on and all the fairy lights. Trimmed the windows and got out the Christmas nativity. It's very old and battered these days but to me it's a part of my Christmas. I have had the figures since I was a little girl so who cares if Baby Jesus is missing a hand and that the other figures are chipped. I love Christmas. The glittery the better. Buster started off being interested in what I was doing but retired to his chair with his monkey and ball after a while as you can see.

I call it Christmas. To me it's the spirit of families, the remembrance of what it is all about, The Nativity, Baby Jesus, Midnight Mass, Father Christmas and the giving of gifts. I make no apologies for loving Christmas. I don't want to call it winter holiday, winter solstice or whatever the PC brigade want us to call it. I don't get offended when the Jews celebrate Hanukkah, the Muslims celebrate Eid, the Indians with Diwali so why should I be made to feel that it's wrong to have a Happy Christmas, sing carols and worship in the way I want? I am not offended in the least by anyone who follows their own religion. It's a free country and it would be an awful thought if we were not free to worship (or not) in our own way. I am not overly religious, I don't press my thoughts onto anyone so why should I be made to feel uncomfortable and worried in case I offend people. I have many friends in the Jewish and Asian community who all wish me a Happy Christmas and some send me cards so who started all this PC business anyway?

With all the house trimming and dog walking there hasn't been any knit or crochet done today. I didn't even finish off the hat last night as my hands were feeling the strain and my wrist ached badly. I will try to get some speed up tonight after I have cooked Sunday dinner, Another tradition even though I live alone these days. Got to have my roasted potatoes, chicken and veggies with gravy. Yes sir, I am an old fashioned girl when it comes to Sundays. Bacon and eggs to start the day and a roast dinner to finish it. You can't beat it.


Susan said...

I agree with you - stuff the PC brigade and let's all have a Merry Christmas!

Crobbles said...

Merry Christmas Jan. I love it too.

Mad about Craft said...

I'm also with you. It's about time the Government stopped telling us what we can and can't do in case it offends others and just let us get on with living. They would find we would all live in perfect harmony and enjoy each others celebrations.