Thursday, 20 December 2007

Don't we queue well

I had the delight of an appointment at my local NHS hospital today for 10am. I made sure I was there for 9.45am because it doesn't do to keep the docs waiting. I took with me instructions for crocheting 2 pockets for Kath's cardigan as I felt sure I would have time to do that whilst waiting. Silly me. I should have taken the pattern and the other 200grams of wool! My appointment was for 10am but when you wait for a long time in a clinic waiting room a spirit of camaraderie appears and before long the why are we waiting jokes start. For example we discovered around 11am that a whole bunch of us had 10am appts some had even earlier We did take bets as to whether the docs had mince pies and sherry in their rooms as although they did a lot of too-ing and fro-ing they didn't do a lot of name calling from the queue. I did have one hysterical moment when my name was called after 10 mins but that was only to weigh me! I think they do that to get your hopes up that you could be seen shortly. Funnily enough I got weighed at my BEATS appointment yesterday so either I put on 5lbs whilst sleeping or someones scales are out. I'll take the lower weight please.

I did get seen at 12.45pm but instead of an apology I got told that I didn't really have an appt they just squashed me in so that was why I had to wait so long. So were all the other queuers squashed in as well? I think only in the UK do we queue so stoically. I can't imagine the continentals sitting reading the free newspaper and chatting amicably for almost 3hrs can you?

I have been told that it's probably a blocked saliva gland that I have but I need an X ray done after dye is injected to confirm diagnosis. I went along to the X ray dept with hopes of getting that done. I am always an optimist. I got shot down in flames with that notion. Leave the card in the box, put your phone number on the top and we will either ring you or write out to you with an appt time. The specialist said I can't get another appt until I have had this done

The photos are of my WIP's. Kath's cardigan with the collar band pinned on. I haven't made the sleeves yet but decided to bite the bullet with the tedious bands. The grey is another chunky cardigan but this time made to my own design hence I made the back in record time. I just followed the shape of Kath's cardigan and made it larger. The hat is still on the needles and hasn't grown any since yesterday. The other photo shows how little room I have to sit to crochet on my sofa due to Buster sleeping on the other end. I woke this morning to find him with his head on my pillow snoring in my ear and underneath the duvet. Must have been a cold night I guess!

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Mad about Craft said...

Well! you've confirmed it, the NHS has finally gone mad!!