Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Crochet Magazine from Vogue

Vogue have brought out a crochet magazine. Apparently the last one that they published 18 yrs ago was a bit of a flop so they haven't bothered again until now.With the upsurge of interest in crochet I think that this time they have chosen the right time to launch this magazine.

I was going to photograph my copy for the blog but having read this blog Crochetime she has done the job for me. I am excited as an online friend of mine has been interviewed for this issue and there is a 2 page spread on her work. As most of you know I have long been a fan of Babukatorium as I just love her use of colour in her designs.

I don't have much to post about today as the crochet that I started last night in the grey silky Ice Yarns was so stretchy when I had crocheted a ball that I decided that it would stretch out far too large for my petite friend Julie. I unpicked it this afternoon and am going for a fresh start tonight. The yarn has a lovely silky feel to it but is quite fine so doesn't have a lot of 'body' to it. It will drape beautifully when it is finished so I am aiming for a slightly too small size for my friend.

I have been Ravelry browsing. They have some fantastic free patterns on there but boy does it gobble up the  hours. I go for a 10 minute browse and am still on there 2 hours later! It's the same whenever I visit the Garnstudio Drops site. Theyadd so many new crochet and knitting patterns each month and I simply just have to have a quick browse on there too. I can start looking on the PC whilst eating my breakfast and then look at the clock and it's lunchtime already. No wonder that my crochet time has dwindled. I am going to have to place a limit on my pattern browsing.


marg41 said...

I am like you Jan, I 'pop' in to Revelry, just for a look see, and a few hours later......! I was so pleased to see that you are back blogging. I read your bloggs every time you write one. I am with you Jan on the matter of yarn, how dare people criticize the yarn you use. They are snobs and I am sure they are jealous of your beautiful work.

DaCraftyLady Debb said...

LOL I can relate on Ravelry, I do the same on blogger...it is amazing how fast the hours zoom by...I too ma a big fan of Babukatorium's designs...she is amazing with color and I love her new umbrella....have a great weekend~~Debb

Edna Mather said...

Just discovered your blog! As I am also a crochetoholic I look forward to following your blog!