Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Abakhan Challenge - Part One

I am calling this Part One of the Abakhan Challenge. If you have been following my blog then you will know that I accepted the challenge to see what I could make with £15 of anything of my choice. My choice was 7 balls of King Cole Bonus DK . This is what I made.

 A baby blanket in a ripple or wave stitch using shades from my choice. My taste runs to the bold and the colourful. I love a bit of colour in my life.

This photo gives a  better idea of the size of the blanket that I made. Useful for the moses basket or the car seat. I could  have made it larger to fit a full sized cot and I would still have enough wool to do that as my choice comes in 100 gram balls

This close up photo is nearest to the colours of the blanket as I see them. It wouldn't be me if there wasn't a crochet flower on it somewhere. If I was making this blanket for a boy then I would omit the pink and the flower. If my choice of colours isn't your idea of what a baby blanket should look like then there is a wide selection of pastel shades to choose from if you look on the Abakhan page. For a baby boy then you could use shades of pale blue, lemon. white, and pale green. For a baby girl then shades of pinks and lemon mixed with cream or white would make a delicately coloured blanket.

What to make with the rest of the yarn? I am never happy until I have used up as much of the yarn as I can. There is enough in the part balls to make something else. I used six shades of the same yarn for the blanket as though technically I could have used oddments to make it I do prefer shades of the same yarn for texture and washing purposes. The blanket wouldn't stay in shape if I mixed wool in with acrylic and cotton as they all wash differently. I like the same kind of yarn, whenever possible, if I am making something with different colours. If I can't keep to the same brand then at least I try to match up the thickness and the material.

I am going to keep you in suspense as to what I am making with the rest of the yarn. I will give you a  hint though.

For this project I am not using the red as I want a more delicate colour effect.

Granny squares. I will let you guess what I am making with them. The project is from the same book as the ripple blanket. I will reveal more in my next post. One clue - it's not another blanket.

I hope that your weather is better than here. It's a bit dull and has been raining. The only excitement of the day has been that the recycling bins got emptied. I told you that I live a quiet life. Today I will be working more on the granny squares and then hopefully by my next post I will have something to show you.

Happy Crafting. Love to you all.


June said...

What a lovely blanket - love the mixture of colours.

Waiting now to see what you are making next, perhaps a granny square baby jacket?

Barbara said...

Oh my that blanket is pretty! And the granny squares! Can't wait to see what the granny square evolve into.

Hindustanka said...

Great blanket. Baby will be happy to sleep under it :)
Well, may be you are making a Granny square pillow cover now? ;) All the best and looking forward to see your next creation!

Jullianna B said...

What a lovely blanket!!!!!!