Wednesday, 23 May 2012

What a Difference a Model Makes

A couple of weeks ago I was chatting to my friend Claire of Eliza M Vintage Sewing   and she mentioned that a good friend of hers was doing a photo shoot for her and would I mind if she had a rummage through my garments that I have for sale.

Gillian Broome chose this one to feature on one of her photos.

Gillian Broome is a stylist and she has used my gold knitted top for this photo shoot. What a difference a live model makes to my top The models are from Boss model agency and the photographer is Dale Broome, Gillian's brother. A talented brother and sister combo!

This is how my top looked on a professional photo shoot. What a difference. How I wish that i could afford the services of a stylist. models and a photographer to display the rest of the garments that I have for sale. I bet that my crocheting would fly off the  hook and into someones on line basket. it would help though if I had a proper web page instead of just my Etsy  page Urban Gypsy Crochet.

I am still crocheting on the gold lurex thread. The thread is quite fine and the hook is a 3mm so I am not exactly racing along. The dress is started from the waist line upwards and I am up to the armholes on the back.

A lovely summers day here and I am actually wearing a sleeveless top and a summer skirt. I do hope that the weather lasts longer than the few days that are forecast.

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