Saturday, 12 May 2012

Ripple Pram Blanket

As I mentioned in an earlier post I accepted a challenge from Abakhan to use £15 worth of yarn and turn it into something crocheted or knitted. I chose these colours as not only do I like bright colours I had something in mind to make from them.

I had bought this book a couple of weeks ago and decided to make this blanket from it.

I chose this blanket as it is suitable for crocheters of all levels and is something that a beginner can tackle without too much of a struggle. I can crochet most things and could have chosen an elaborate pattern which may have been admired but not something that every reader could look at and think 'I can make that'

I hope that you can follow from this swatch how I made this ripple or wave pattern. I believe this stitch is called the lazy wave as it is less undulating than the chevron stitch. I have got 3 UK trebles in between  alternating 3 trebles in one stitch to form the peak of the wave and decreasing 3 trebles together to form the dip in the waves. If you can't understand my description there are a few great tutorials on You Tube. I have chosen this one as it follows the version I am using except it has more trebles in between the ups and the downs.

Crochet Crowd Lazy Waves stitch

If you would like a more pronounced wave or ripple stitch than this then follow the Crochet Geek's tutorial

Crochet Geek Chevron Stitch  which has a more pronounced zig zag effect.

I decided not to follow a regimented stripe pattern but make the colours more random. I think that I am about half way through the pram blanket now. I have decided not to put the pom poms at each corner for fear of loose strands getting into a baby's mouth.

Although I chose bright colours for my project there are plenty of other colours to choose from and many different yarns. I have used  King Cole Big Value DK  but I could have easily chose colours from Hayfield DK , If you prefer to use a cotton yarn then there are plenty to choose from in Abakhan   James C Brett Cotton On   is one and has some lovely pastel shades and James C Brett Merino  would make a luxurious blanket for a baby.

I am changing colours with every row so will have a lot of tails to sew in afterwards. If you don't want to do this then why not choose one of the random shades of James C Brett Marble DK  which will give you a gentle shaded effect without changing colours.

I will hopefully have part balls left over from this project and will be making something else with the oddments. If you are not a lover of bright colours, as I am, then remember the beauty of making your own blankets is that the colour choice is all yours. I love the fact that I can make something that is unique and individual. For me crochet is all about using your imagination to use colour in different ways. This pattern would look equally as nice done in the baby pastel shades using as few or as many colours as you wish. Crafting is all about choices and that is what makes it so much fun. The world would be a lesser place with a bit of individuality.

Happy crocheting. Enjoy the bit of sunshine that we have this weekend.


Anonymous said...

I love the top from your previous post so much that I have ordered the book. To tell you the truth, I've got too many crochet books already. Right. I am not going to buy any more this month. Cheerio, Jagoda.

Enid said...

lovely colours, and the design will comeout great