Sunday, 27 May 2012

The Sun Is Out, So Crocheting Takes Second Place

The weather here is glorious for a change so I have been doing other things except my crochet. I am still working on the gold lurex dress for my friend Julie but progress is slower than normal.

I am doing the skirt in the round, the lurex is fine and the hook is a 3mm. Not making excuses here just saying that I work slower on the finer hooks. One reason why I shy away from making crochet mats that use fine cottons and minuscule hooks. It's not that i can't do it, I just lack the patience and  my fingers are not what they were for gripping tiny hooks to get an even tension.

Another reason for my crochet slowing down is my lovely Buster is here for the weekend. My son and daughter in law have gone away for the weekend and Buster gets too hot in the car. They like to go walking with the other two dogs and Buster can't keep up with the young ones especially on a very hot day. I keep forgetting that he is about 13 yrs old now as some  days he is as playful as a puppy. We are not sure of his age as he was a rescue dog so the vet gave us a guesstimate of his age.

He woke me up with the birds to go into the garden for a wee and is now happily sleeping on the sofa whilst I am wide awake. I don't mind though as it is such a lovely day.

Buster panting yesterday. This photo makes his tongue look impossibly long. I had the ceiling fan on for him and he had an ice cream. He is so cute. As soon as he hears the ice cream van's chimes in the distance he won't be budged from the chair by the window and he barks like mad when he gets close. My son tells me off for giving him anything that isn't his dog food but how can I resist him when he pushes past me out of the f ront door and waits with the kids in the line up at the van for his ice cream cornet.

He had a little friend for some of yesterday. Poppy from next door came through the hedge to visit us.

She will not sit still a minute when I am taking her photo. Just when you get her posed she moves her head. I must have taken a dozen photos of the back of her head yesterday.

This was the best photo that I could get of her. Like Buster she is getting old now but still lively enough when treats are mentioned. She will break into a gallop if she thinks that there is a chance of a treat. Poppy is not in the least bit scared of Buster but Buddy didn't come through the hedge today as I think Buster scares him a bit. They don't fight or anything but Buster does tend to growl at him.

It's another gorgeous day so I think that the garden is calling me. Shower, shorts and breakfast in the garden is the order of the day.

Enjoy your Sunday.


Dorothy said...

Lucky dog ... bet he loves his visits to you - especially when the ice cream van comes. The little dog from next door looks a real cutie too. While you're basking in the sun, we're freezing here in Australia. Its currently 3 degrees celsius at the moment - just past midnight too so I should be getting off to bed. xoxox

marg41 said...

Love the photo's of Buster and Poppy. Unlike Dorothy, we are having beautiful weather here in Central Queensland, a little cool early morning and evening, but the days a just fantastic. Enjoy your sunshine Jan and I hope Buster enjoys his stay with you. He is a very lucky dog.