Thursday, 17 May 2012

Abakhan Challenge - Part Two

If you have been following my posts then you will understand the challenge from Abakhan that I accepted.  I still had plenty of the original yarn left from the ripple baby blanket so I browsed in the same book for another project.

I decided on this one

I had one guess in the comments that was almost right. June said a cardigan. Very close it is a sweater. I decided to use the part balls left over from the baby blanket and so made this from the same original 7 balls of King Cole DK  but for this project I decided to leave the red out of the mix to make the sweater more pastel shaded.

I think that this has made a lovely sweater for a little girl. I would imagine that it would fit up to 2 yrs old.

I did change the neckline from the method on the pattern. I decided that it looked rather large and a bit off the shoulder. I have also left off the picot edging at the neckline and the bottom edge. I still have amounts of the yarn left so I have started this  next project. So far I have made two very different individual items from the original £15 worth of yarn and I still have left over oddments.

I must be mad letting myself in for more ends to darn in. I do love stripes and granny squares but oh the hundreds of ends to sew in. I have tried crocheting over the ends as I work but I still end up with little ends sticking out on the rights side.

The postman brought me this book that I had ordered from Amazon. I love granny squares despite all the ends to sew in but my repertoire doesn't run to many designs of granny squares so I decided to get more ideas for the future. Some of these squares are in single colours so that would be a break from multi coloured ones.

I also bought these patterns from eBay and Etsy. I have a love of vintage patterns and so does my friend. When I have finished my first challenge for Abakhan I am going to start a crochet dress for my friend Julie for her holidays in a gold thread.

Some more patterns. I love the child's bag in all the bright colours with bird and flower motifs. This is definitely on my 'to do' list. I also need to make some everyday sweaters for myself. Summer is such a long time arriving that my sweaters are starting to look shabby. I usually wait until the Autumn but I doubt if there will be much need for Summer tops this year. I have a lot of machine cones so I should really fire up the knitting machine to quickly make myself some plain sweaters. Machine knit sweaters are soft of half way between thick winter sweaters and lightweight summer tops.

Back to the stripes of my third project. Hopefully all will be revealed by my next blog. The red will be included in the colours of this to eke out the last yards of the oddments. I could use some other oddments but I want to see how far the wool will go.


Anonymous said...

That little sweater is DARLING! I absolutely love it. Your work is always soooo beautiful, Jan. I'm shocked you are making granny squares. Are we on the same page or what?!

Sharon GARDNER said...

I love reading your blog. It is like Christmas seeing all the great things you make and get in the mail. Very inspirational to read when my crocheting is in a slump.

June said...

Another lovely jumper. I love to see what you make as they are all so beautifully made and you are my inspiration

Sassy T said...

Love your bio

marg41 said...

Oh! Jan you are amazing! You have such a way with colours and you are so quick!

Haylees Hats said...

lovely patterns, books and beautiful crocheted baby top :)