Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Abakhan Challenge - Five, Six and Seven

I have completed my first challenge from Abakhan . I managed to make 7 items from the 7 x 100 gram balls of King Cole Big Value DK    . All that I have left now are these small balls.

The pink, lilac and green will be used make crochet flowers and leaves for another project so I could say that I will have made 9 items before the yarn is fully used up.

I made this colourful summer top and beanie from the part balls left over from my other projects. I would have liked to make the bottom half with pink, lilac and cream instead of using the yellow but as you can see from the first photo that I had only yards left so I settled for just a cream top part and a cream flower on the beanie.

As usual I added little flowers but this time they are embroidered, which is not my best skill as you can see from the close up photo. I just felt that crochet flowers would have been too chunky for this small baby top.

This is the last item made from the tiny balls that were left over. A rainbow hat for a baby girl complete, of course, with my usual crochet flower trim.

I have enjoyed turning the 7 balls into all of these.

If you want a baby in your family to wear something different than the usual high street chain stores, and not spend a fortune on clothes from the designer stores, then grab a crochet hook ( or a pair of knitting needles) , use your imagination (or a pattern) to either make colourful items such as these or choose pastel shades to make something similar but in more subtle tones. If you don't want to stripe or change colours then choose something from the random baby shades at Abakhan .  They may cost you a little more to buy but would still make economical gifts for a baby.

Today has been a lovely sunny day but instead of lazing in my back garden the sun made me decide to change the bed linen and wash everything in sight. There is nothing nicer than a washing line of clothes and bedding drying in the sunshine.

I also got some good news today. The Disability Living have extended my allowance for another 2 years. That is a weight off my mind as I do need the extra money to pay for taxi fares for my hospital visits and occasionally visiting friends or going to my knit club at the Kings Arms in Salford.  Mondays are the days when I wish that I still had transport to get to the Kings Arms. Maybe one day I will win the lottery or Ernie will remember that I have premium bonds and I can buy a little car.

Have a lovely evening. I hope that tomorrow is as sunny as today. Maybe I will get time to crochet outdoors now that I have finished the washing. I have crocheted a few rows in the gold lurex thread for the dress that I am making for a friend.


June said...

They are all beautiful Jan and shows what can be done with a few balls of yarn and some imagination.
Any baby would look lovely wearing those items.

Haylees Hats said...

Beautiful work. I love the colours on the shell cardi. I crochet my first cardi yesterday.