Monday, 21 May 2012

Abakhan Challenge Part Three and Four

I am still making things from my original 7 balls of King Cole Big Value DK    that I requested when I took up the challenge from Abakhan   to see what I could make with £15 worth of yarn. In these austere times I chose to show that it doesn't have to be expensive to crochet or knit. I also wanted to show that with a bit of colour and imagination you could create designs that would be more personal than any items bought on the high street.

So far I have made a ripple moses basket or pram cover and a sweater made from mutli coloured granny squares. As I still had lots left on the balls I made this little jacket next.

I chose just 3 shades to make this small baby jacket. The colours remind me of Springtime in my garden. Green leaves, yellow daffodils and the purple of the iris. I used wooden buttons to complete this jacket.

As I still had wool left over I decided to make another small baby jacket.

This is to show how a simple crochet baby jacket can be transformed with the use of colour and a few crochet flowers.

Simple little flowers make a plain jacket so individual. If it is for a boy then choose a motif  of a cat, teddy bear or a sailboat and leave off the shell edging and make a plain one.

After all of this I still have part balls left over. This yarn is truly elastic. I am thinking of ways to use up the last of these balls to try to make 5 or more items from the original 7 balls.

I want to choose a different theme for my next challenge. These posts have all been about frugality and how to crochet (or knit) on a budget. Maybe my next challenge will be about using luxury yarns wisely or using cotton for the summer now that the weather is slightly improving. Today the sun is shining although I don't find it warm enough for a T shirt. Perhaps the answer is a lighter weight sweater that doesn't look so wintery or a nice lacy shawl to keep my shoulders warm when the sun goes in. As per usual my mind is always way ahead of my fingers when planning my next projects.

Happy Monday to everyone. I hope that my posts encourage you to pick up your hook ( or your knitting needles) decide on a project and pay a visit to your local wool shop or shop online at Abakhan


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Jan, you are a true inspiration to any one who can knit or crochet! Keep up the good work.