Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Challenge From Abakhan

You may have noticed the addition of a button link to Abakhan appear on my blog. I added it as I have been invited by Abakhan to take part in a challenge to turn £15 of yarn of my choice into something creative. I accepted the challenge and today this parcel of goodies arrived.

I chose this particular yarn as although it is relatively inexpensive it has a lovely soft feel to it and of course King Cole Big Value  DK is part of a brand that has been in existence for many years and has a good reputation. The added factor is that is has the colours that I want for the project that I have in mind.

I am showing a close up of a couple of the colours so that you can maybe see the texture of the yarn. It may say Big Value but that means it is inexpensive yet not cheap in quality. I will keep you in suspense for the moment as to what I am going to make with these colours. Watch this space.

As you know from my taste in crochet I love anything retro or bright coloured and have discovered a new blog called Bunny Mummy which made me smile as she was asked by her Brother to create him a 60's style striped tank top. I rather like her finished effort although not sure that I would wear it at my age. This week she is showing some bright coloured circular motifs which are done in my kind of colours. I really must get to grips with joining crocheted circles together. I even bought a book by Kristen Omdahl called Seamless Crochet that came with a DVD but as I have not yet watched it I am no wiser at the moment. This is definitely on my 'to do' list which grows ever longer.

I made these 2 outfits for a friend's grandson. As they live in Dundee I was worried that they would not fit him as I didn't get to the Post Office for a week or so to post them. However today I received this lovely photo.

This is baby Ruben wearing one of the outfits. It is so nice for me to get these kind of photos as I like to know that things fit and are useful for the babies that I crochet for. My great nephew JP has been wearing a couple of his little crochet coats when he goes out in the car as he is still too tiny to fit into his hooded fabric jackets. I received a thank you text from the Mum of baby Gracie. I made the red jacket with the daisies on, that I put on my last blog post, as a Christening present. I am always glad when friends tell me that they really like something that I have made for them.

This is where I am up to with the grey silky top that I am making for my friend Julie.

The back is now finished. it has taken me longer than I expected as I had to restart and unpick the first ball as my first attempt was coming out too stretchy and so would have been too large. The yarn is very slippy to work with and so I have to go slower to make sure that I don't lose loops along the way. I have started the front and have crocheted about 6". I was crocheting this at the hospital yesterday. It's amazing how much crocheting starts off conversations with strangers.

This hospital appointments was not for my knees for a change. My dentist decided that the 3cm lump that I have behind my right ear for about 12 months needed looking at. The hospital suspect that it may be something to do with my lymph system and I am scheduled for a scan. I think that it means that my immune system is fighting off some kind of infection which is no surprise to me as I haven't been feeling 100% since my knee operation as I have mentioned before. I hope that if they sort this out then I will be back to my old self soon.

I have posted off the forms for the renewal of my Mobility Money. This will be an anxious time for me as there are so many cutbacks I am always afraid that they won't renew it. I need this money for taxis to and from my hospital appointments and paying people to do the jobs that I can no longer do for myself like the garden and window cleaning. I am old school and really don't like having to apply for this. If the pension was sufficient then I wouldn't have to feel like I am begging for extra help with transport costs. I think that is why I enjoy my crochet so much. It takes my mind off the fact that I am not as active and mobile as I would like to be. I still haven't won the lottery but that's another daydream.

On to happier things. It's not a bad day today. The sun is trying to shine but I wish that it was a bit warmer.I do love a bit of warmth and sunshine. Still at least it's not raining.

Have a good day and Happy Crafting.


Dorothy said...

Oh I do love those gorgeous colours and am dying to know what you're going to make. The baby outfits are very cute - I particularly like the second one. xoxox

Indianka said...

That is great you accepted the challenge. I am sure you will work out something very nice out of it.
The baby boy is too cute!!! But I guess you will have to make something else for him soon, as kids grow very fast :)
Have a nice day and happy crocheting!