Monday, 30 April 2012

Knitting With Eyelashes

Well I was not exactly knitting with eyelashes just with pink eyelash yarn that I bid for on eBay. I had to knit as I don't find eyelash yarn easy to crochet with. I had difficulty knitting with it as everytime I dropped a stitch I had to start the piece of knitting again as I couldn't be sure that I had picked it up properly or just picked up a bit of eyelash.

The bolero isn't quite as bright as this. For some reason the camera has given it a shocking pink hue. I trimmed the edge with some Patons Pearl DK that I had in my stash just to give it a nice edging.

This is a closer photo so that you can see not only the edging but also the little flower motif that I made to trim the bolero.

What shall I start next? I have a feeling that it will be this little top for a friend. I have made this top for my niece is a pink shade but this one will be done in a silvery grey yarn from Ice Yarns. I think this yarn is finer than the one recommended on the pattern so once again I will be improvising or doing it my way. The neckline will have to be adjusted, as I did with the pink one, as it is too low and shows too much bra as it is. Even the crochet flower doesn't cover the bra, I made the last one about an inch higher and it fitted much better,

I got the handbag and the hat booklets from Amazon and the middle booklet I bid for on eBay. Needless to say they were all on reduction. I spend far too much on patterns but I am a collector of all things crochet and if I see a book that I don't have ,and I like it, then I just have to buy it. No wonder the bank manager wants to see me on Thursday. Ha ha. I think that it's just for my annual review but maybe he has his cane ready to spank this naughty girl for spending far more money than I have.

These are 3 vintage knitting patterns that I bought from Etsy. I made the middle sweater a couple of times for little girls back in the 60's. Poodles were THE dog back then and we had a black poodle called Sherry. We didn't name her just in case you think that we were a family of drinkers. Her Mother was called Brandy and her sister Whiskey. We did try to change her name but she would only answer to Sherry.

I read a lovely blog today whose name I can't remember at the moment. I will add it on later in edit when I find it again. She had some lovely photos on her blog of an old caravan and gave the link to the blog that it was on. This is the link to an interesting blog Happy Loves Rosie . I would love to have this caravan at the bottom of my garden as a little crafting haven.

Today has actually been sunny although the weather report says to stand by for more rain. I am not going out tonight so I will just settle down with the TV and my crochet.

Happy Crafting


Indianka said...

I have read somewhere else also that it's very difficult to use such yarn. I haven't tried yet myself.
I guess you make your friends so much happy with all your crafty things!:)

Yarn Bazaar said...

nice looks beautiful