Thursday, 26 April 2012

Crocheted Baby Clothes book

As promised in my last post here is a pictorial review of one of my latest purchases from Amazon. Cute and Easy Crocheted baby Clothes by Nicki Trench. As with the other book that I reviewed, the photography is excellent and I love the choice of colours. Makes me want to grab my wool and hook immediately and make something from this book.

Who says granny squares are old fashioned? I think that this is an adorable sweater for a little one.

 A useful design for any little girl's wardrobe. The wrap over cardigan. A necessity especially if the young lady goes to ballet classes.

Illustrates the more modern interpretation of the traditional matinee jacket. The use of the deeper colour and the addition of flowers brings it bang up to date.

A basic little baby cardigan with a granny square pocket to give it that little different design detail.

I would omit the neckline flowers as I think that they may irritate a very young baby.

Very pretty but I think that I would only put the loops at the bottom edge as babies put everything that is near their face, or on their sleeves, into their mouth. It would look equally as nice with a contrast shell edging instead of the loops.

Adorable winter sweater for a little girl. My only criticism of this book is that most of the designs are for baby girls.

How pretty is this? Simple and yet so effective with it's dainty flower and ribbon trim.

At last something for a boy. I would give this a deeper bottom edge as it looks a wee bit short to fit a baby's head.

Lovely blanket that could be made for a boy with a change of colours. I would omit the pom poms for safelty reasons.

Little girl blanket with pretty Spring shades in it's heart design.

Not sure how this fits. Bonnet with ribbons or floral beanie?

A unisex jacket. Love the colour and the toggle fastening.

Little shoes that match the jacket.

Bright pink poncho to brighten up your day.

Lemon poncho fringed with the bright pink.

Pretty lacy party dress if your little girl isn't a tomboy. My nieces would have dragged holes in this crochet dress in 5 minutes when they were this age.

Pretty little coat hanger covers to keep baby dresses from sliding off the normal wooden baby coat hangers.

How pretty are these. I would use them as wall decorations once the baby got bigger and started to grab at things.

Last of the pattern photos is this little rainbow bear. There are a few more patterns in the book that I haven't put on here. I just chose the ones that I thought were the best.

This is what has been finished from my hook this week. It is an off the shoulder evening top for my friend Julie. It is difficult to see the detail on this photo but I made it with Ice Yarn that has grey flower sequins worked into the thread. It is a lot more sparkly than it looks on the photos. It is quite a fine yarn and I worked with aa 3.50mm hook. I used one of the Double Stitch twins patterns for ideas but changed the pattern stitch and didn't make it in the round. This is a lot finer fabric and has side seams. In other words - I Did It My Way - as per usual.

The flower is on a brooch pin so that it can be taken off and used on another garment or pinned into a different position on the top. I didn't make a neck choker it is a headband but as the mannequin hasn't got a head I displayed it around the neck. Silver domed buttons in the centre of the flowers finish off the look. Julie was really pleased with the way that this has turned out and to be honest so am I.

I was going to the local Women's Institute meeting tonight to see if I would like to join but the rain has not stopped all day and I don't fancy getting wet through on my mobility scooter so I think that I will wait until next month for my first visit. Nothing worse than sitting for a couple of hours in wet clothing.

My next project is a crochet bolero for a friend's little girl. Photos will follow once it is finished.


Indianka said...

Thanks for sharing that book. as soon as I don't have children yet, I will keep in mind these patterns for future :)
And that top which you have made for your friend is more than gorgeous! So beautifully done and I like that sparkling look - indeed for an evening out!

cheekybaby said...

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This is exactly the right kind of advice for a blogger.

tony wu said...

Oh my gosh how adorable!
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