Sunday, 8 April 2012

Happy Easter Everyone

I hope that you are all having a Happy Easter. Mine is quiet as expected and there is not an Easter Egg in sight. Not even a Creme Egg this year. As I have been recently diagnosed with diabetes type 2 and still not seen a dietitian I used my common sense and didn't buy any chocolate this year.

I miss my Dad at Easter as right up until he became terminally ill be always bought me an Easter Egg. He always said that I was never too old for an Easter Egg. I was always my Dad's little girl even though I was in my 40's when he died,

The weather is cold today and as yet I haven't rallied to my knitting and crochet even though I have a lot to get through. I am knitting another cardigan for my niece's baby but this time as it is coming out larger it will be for later on in the year.  I finished off another one with a hat. Photos will follow after she gets them next weekend.

These magazines arrived late last week. The baby Crochet Today contains patterns that I already have but it is nice to have them all together in one book instead of having to search through various Crochet Today magazines to find the baby and children patterns. I will review the Interweave Crochet later but to be honest I am finding it hard to be thrilled about this copy. The Inside Crochet has a couple of designs that I like which I will show you later.

I found this yarn for sale on eBay and managed to bid for and get it. It was expensive compared to what it would be in the US but as it was from a UK seller it cost me a lot less than ordering from a US stockist or a UK stockist (yes there is one on Although this Red heart yarn is quite thick and not as soft as the UK yarns it does have a thickness all of it's own that we don't have an equivalent to in the UK. I am sure that there would be a market for Red heart if someone took the trouble to import it at reasonable prices.

As you  know I have been hooked on watching You Tube videos from the 'Fresh off Tha Hook' ladies. I had seen this book advertised many times but from the front cover I didn't think that there would be anything inside that I would like. However after seeing a couple of things made up on these videos I decided to buy the book.

This doesn't look too impressive in this colour but the lady on the video had worked it up in white with a navy and daffodil yellow trim and it looked lovely. I would wear it over a vest top of course as I am a little old to have all of my boobies on display in this fashion. It would be nice as a beach cover up if I was going on holiday.

I would not make this with the two coloured sleeves but I like the style and would once again wear it over a vest top or a T shirt,

 I love this colourful top but I could never wear a tube top at my age. I was thinking of amending it and turning it into a square neck top by adding shoulders and probably a tiny short sleeve. Then I would wear it on a summer day ( bit of wishful thinking here) as I am a lover of bright colours even though I am usually too timid to wear anything bright on a daily basis. Perhaps I have now reached the age where I can be considered to be eccentric and can revert to wearing the hippy retro styles that I love so much. I always did say that I would grow old disgracefully.

I will give the magazines a good read and try to write something constructive about them. It's the luck of the draw really with subscriptions. Some copies are choc full of interesting things and yet others I wouldn't have bought if there were on the newsagents shelf.

Happy Easter to you,

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Anonymous said...

Another reason for you to come over for a visit -- so you can fill a bag with Red Heart yarn. ;-)

I agree about the tube top. It would be cute altered.

Happy Easter!