Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Two Weeks Early

Introducing my Great Nephew, Joseph Paul, born to my niece and her husband early yesterday morning. He was 2 weeks early but weighed in at a healthy 7lbs 8ozs. My Sister in Law has gone down to London to see him and my elder niece is going down tomorrow and taking with her the little things that I have knitted and crocheted for him. I will be able to post photos on here once they arrive in London and Mum has seen them. I will have to wait until the family come to Manchester for my little cuddle.

I am going to show you the contents of this latest copy of Inside Crochet. The photography is much brighter and clearer than the Interweave Crochet despite my bad photography.

I know that this is quite a plain top but I do like the shape of it and it would be a useful summer addition to my wardrobe (if we ever get any Summer that is). I have some black cotton yarn that will look nice for this.

I like this as an everyday, but a little bit fancy, sweater. I think that this is one to add to my every growing 'to do' list. I would choose a deeper colour though as pale colours drain me now I am getting older.

Although these are cute I wouldn't make anything woolly that might find it's way into a baby's mouth especially anything that might have wadding inside that could poke through the fabric and potentially choke them.

Not for me. I am not a lover of crocheted necklaces unless they are in wire with beads.

Definitely not for me. I mostly only crochet useful things, either to wear or household items, and these don't some under any of those headings. The flower patterns on their own might be useful for trimming something else

This cape has an oldie worldly look about it. I can imagine it being worn in a period drama if it was in a more conservative colour. I think this design would look better in a neutral shade than a bright colour.

I am told that these very narrow scarves are all in fashion. I am not sure if I would add a  flower to it. A nice silky fancy yarn would look great without any added adornment.

I like the pattern stitch and the colour but I would have to make some amendments to the neckline of this top. I don't think that it needs a ruffle at the neckline. I would prefer it either as a plain neckline or a small turn down collar.

Sorry about the bad photo. I have seen many nicer handbags. This is not one that I would add to my list.

This is a pretty shawl and maybe one day ,once I cure my phobia of joining circular motifs, I will make something similar to this.

This is a bridal garter. I haven't read the pattern but I hope that there is some elastic around the top otherwise the ribbon would be like a tourniquet around the top of the bride's leg.

These last 2 patterns are not in the magazine. They are pages that I bought through eBay and as they are taken from magazines, which are not named, I can't help you as to where they came from.

I have started a black jacket pattern from the Double Stitch twins book. I have only crocheted one sleeve as yet so I will post a photo once there is something more to see.

Enjoy your evening. I am dog sitting my neighbour's two dogs tonight so not much crocheting will be done this evening. I will be playing with them instead. I do love my furry companions.


Anonymous said...

You and me on the same page again about all these patterns.

marg41 said...

Beautiful, Beautiful baby. You are going to have lots of fun making this little boy plenty of things to wear.