Friday, 6 April 2012

Trying Hard to Get With It

That statement alone is enough to give my age away if I was trying to hide it. I think Getting With It comes straight from the 60's. In reality I am trying to get with the new technology like Twitter. I am not sure that I will be Tweeting much as I have enough trouble posting this blog and putting posts on Facebook.

Anyhow if anyone wants to follow me on Twitter my user name is Jan Carruthers2. I wouldn't have thought that there was more than me with that name but obviously some other poor soul has the same name as me. My Facebook is in the same name but without the 2 added to it.

On Facebook I have also set up a new page today showcasing some of my work that I have done or is for sale. You can find me under Urbangypsycrochet. I do hate it when I can't put spaces or capital letters where I want them to be. I don't see why Twitter  won't accept it as three words. It told me that I couldn't have 3 capital letters. Grrr.

 Even though I haven't been blogging regularly I have been busy. This is a crochet baby blanket with a teddy bear motif that I have made for my son's friend who has just become a Grandad for the first time. I knitted for his daughter who has just had a  baby boy so am feeling rather old that I am now making things for another generation.

 I also made him this little knitted cardigan. Yes I know - knitted. That is rare for me. I do knit but not so much as it hurts my shoulders when I knit too long. I am now knitting for my niece's baby to be but I will show them later when she has seen them. She lives in London and may read my blog and that would spoil the surprise.

The high winds the other day blew down and wrecked two of my fence panels but luckily my son had a day off work and was able to go and get some new ones for me. This time I have gone for heavier duty panels that are not quite as high as last time..

I have been Etsy browsing which is dangerous for my bank account. I love so many of the patterns that I find on there.The latest ones that I have bought are by a lady called AsDidy Her patterns are gorgeous but all charted with not much information so when I start them it will be a test of my knowledge of crochet and I suspect a lot of swear words!

I have also bought 4 back copies of Crochet today from eBay. There are some nice things in them so I can't understand why I never bought them in the first place but I think that they came out before I took out a subscription. My local newsagent doesn't stock anything so racy as crochet books so unless I subscribe I find it difficult to get to Manchester to buy them. I also have a couple of new crochet books that I got from Amazon. I will take photos tomorrow and add the photos to the blog.

I have been reading some interesting blogs of late (besides the ones that I follow) One of them is .crochetconcupiscence. She has some very interesting links on her blog page that take you to some lovely ideas and interesting articles.

Sorry that there isn't much to post today but once I post off some baby items for a friend in Scotland who has just become a Grandma to a baby boy Rubin I can show you the things that I made for him.

Have a nice Easter.Mine will be a quiet one. As for tonight I am making a baby hat to match a little knitted jacket for my niece's baby.

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What a fantastic post. So much to see and do.