Sunday, 12 December 2010

Parcel On A Sunday

It must be close to Christmas. Royal Mail delivering parcels on a Sunday. I got a parcel this week and one last week. I think that they save the parcels up from during the week to make a bit of overtime money on a Sunday.

I love getting parcels and am like a big kid opening them even though I know what is inside. I just wish that the delivery men would not wait until I am having a natural break in the smallest room before ringing my door bell. The older I get the more it is a case of I have started so I have to finish. My muscle control is not that of a young woman anymore. By the time I get to the door the delivery men are on the points of driving away. Luckily today's delivery man had another parcel to deliver a few doors away so I managed to catch him in time.

I love the colour of this pink James C Brett Marble chunky, that I got from Purplelinda, and am so glad that I waited to start my great grand daughters jacket pattern as they are longer length ones and more like a Spring coat.. That paler pink I got last week would have been too pale for them. The plain child's jacket pattern will come in handy for making more things in this wool. I am sure that it will get knitted a few times. I may even make the pale pink in this pattern for the girls to wear in the Spring or on cool Summer evenings.

I am having my doubts about the matinee style jacket that I am crocheting for one of them. When it gets it's bands, collar and sleeves on it might look more 'grown up'. At the moment it looks like it's for an overgrown baby. I think a lot of it is due to the colour that I am using. I should have chosen a slightly darker colour although my step grand daughter still dresses the girls in pinks and whites.

The black cardigan is progressing and I will try to knit a sleeve today whilst it is still daylight. I leave the crochet for the evening time, Light colours for evenings and dark colours for the daylight.

Today is another knit, knit and more knitting day. I am sort of working office hours at the moment but with plenty coffee breaks.


Charlotte said...

Lucky you! I would love to receive yarn in the mail! Beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Everything is lovely, Jan. You're going to wear your fingers down to little nubs if you're not careful.

Enid said...

love the colours of the new yarn, nicely blended.
the current projects look great

Anonymous said...

I love James C Brett Marble - both the DK and the Chunky - such gorgeous colours. Brilliant yarn IMO!