Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Crochet Today Has Arrived

The postman brought my Jan-Feb 2011 Crochet Today. I think that it should be renamed the Red Heart edition as so many of the projects are in Red Heart.

The cover Blazing Cowl by Linda Permann is in wool from Stitch Nation as is the long red Hot To Trot cardigan by Elena Malo. The Ranchers Daughter dress by Marie Lynn Patrick is Red Heart as is the Equestrian sweater by Robin Chachula.

The granny squares Snuggle Afghan by Katherine Eng and the circular motif Pebble Afghan by Kim Kotary and Shari White are also in Red Heart.

The hexagonal Wish Upon A Star baby blanket by Marty Miller is Red Heart Baby Clouds and the Cozy Baby Sweater by Ellen Gormley is another sweater in Red Heart.

I have included the back page of the magazine so that you can see the rest of the projects that are in this magazine.

Buster is still with me as he has a bit of an upset tummy. When I rang my son Poppy has also got a similar thing so we are not sure if it something that they both ate or some kind of a bug. Either way my son has enough mopping up to do with one sick dog without adding Buster into the household as well. Skye seems fine and she ate the same things that the other two did.

The snow has melted so I managed to get to Tesco for a bit of shopping. I have bought some chicken to boil with some rice for Buster's dinner to see if that will settle his tummy. I think he is a bit better today with not so many trips to the lawn as yesterday and the day before. He is a bit miserable though and doesn't want to play ball or anything although we did manage a very short walk today.Well he walked and I scooted! I thought that I was having a bad knee day and then I realized that I hadn't taken any of my tablets this morning or at lunch time. Duh!

Not much crochet done again as a sick Buster is a clingy Buster and it's hard to crochet when a big dog wants to sit on my knee.


Anonymous said...

Poor Buster and poor Jan too.

That dress is made in Red Heart? Can you imagine how heavy that would be and how it would pull while wearing it? After a couple of hours it would be 8" longer!

Enid said...

sending hugs to Buster
maybe the magazine is being sponsored by Red Heart for this issue?
glad you were able to get out. our snow and ice got cleared by the rain yesterday. I am looking forward to Slimming World in a few minutes. Seeing people after nearly a week indoors!!!!!!!