Friday, 24 December 2010

Eek It's Christmas Eve

It's Christmas Eve and I still have loads to do. I could do with time standing still for a day to give me time to finish off everything. I have crocheted all of the pieces of my Sister in Law's sweater but still got to stitch everything together. I have started a short sleeved cardigan for my Niece's Mother in Law and praying that I can finish that in time. The buttons are now stitched on my niece's cardigan so that is one thing finished.

My great grand daughters knitted jackets will not even get started nor will I have time to finish off their crochet jackets. They are not their Christmas presents so I am not too bothered if they get them in a couple of weeks. They will be the next on the hook and needles after Christmas.

As you can see my vintage patterns arrived from The Vintage Knitting Lady. The grey knitted Patons patterns are replacements for ones that I had and lent out. This time I won't be lending them out as I have lost so many patterns this way. I made a lot of them for my relatives and my son so they must be at least 42 yrs old. Some of the other patterns are a bit newer than that but are out of print now. The doll patterns are again mostly replacements for ones that I had previously. The ones in the bottom photo I made long before I married and the Lavenda pattern is one that I made for my own doll when I was just a child. So many memories are tied up in these patterns.

I must get on today as I could also do with running the vacuum cleaner around the house and flicking a duster about. Steady Jan you will be accused of turning house proud once again. I decided long ago that life is too short to waste it on housework so I only do the essentials and am certainly not Mrs Neat freak. My ex will probably call tomorrow and hold his hands up in despair whilst his partner wrinkles up her nose. I have told them not to call as with the bad weather I haven't been able to get them any presents this year but they will probably call just the same.

Can I take this opportunity to wish everyone a very Happy Christmas. I hope that you spend it with your loved ones and have a great family Christmas. I don't bother about the presents given to me although I do get a lot of pleasure from giving gifts especially hand made ones. To me it shows that I care enough about my family and friends to give them my time and effort. I hope that they see it this way. I think that they do as they always ask me to make them something instead of buying a present.

Thanks to everyone for your welcome support over this last year. I do appreciate each and every one of you and I will catch up with your blogs once Christmas is over.

I am off to stitch up a sweater now so Happy Christmas one and all. xxxxx


Debi Y. said...

Have a Merry Christmas! :)

June said...

Wishing you a very Happy Christmas Jan. You have really done well making all those lovely Christmas gifts for your family. Looking forward to reading your blog again in the New Year.

Enid said...

you have done marvellous these few months, especially with having time in hospital.
have a great time with your family

Anonymous said...

What fantastic presents. I love the little frame with the knitting poem. That is really cute. You did get some wonderful gifts and I agree with your sentiment about family. It is so nice to have them get together. It's truly the best gift ever.