Friday, 3 December 2010

8 Sirdar Knitting Patterns

No more snow has fallen but it is still very cold. There is a silver lining to every cloud though as I have been staying home, wrapped up warm doing my Christmas knitting. As a lot of my friends prefer me to knit for boys I decided that it was time to refresh my patterns with some new ones. I sent away to McA Direct for these patterns as any orders over £10 come postage free which is great for someone housebound as I am. I chose 4 patterns that were more for boys and 4 for girls. What I like about the Sirdar patterns is that like the Kay Jones crochet patterns they usually size up to around 6 or 7 years old which means that the patterns can be used a few times. I do like to get value for money with my patterns these days.

I have almost finished the cardigan for Charlie. I am just knitting the shawl collar. As I have enough wool for his little brother I am undecided whether to knit the exact same pattern or to chose one of these new ones that also has a shawl collar. I also chose another hooded pattern as when I force myself to finish off the hooded jacket I started a long time ago I can knit another larger one in a different pattern as I could not bear to make another one in the same pattern. The only drawback that I find with the Sirdar patterns is that they always seem very long bodied so I always have to cut at least an inch off the finished length.

I am getting a little stir crazy to start some crochet but I must finish off the Christmas knitting before I dare to start any crochet. I am leaving my sister in law's crochet sweater until the last otherwise I will never knit my niece's black cardigan in time.

We have more snow forecast for the weekend which is a shame as I will need to go out at some stage for some food. The Farmers Market is coming again on Sunday for the last time before Christmas and I want to stock up on some meat for the freezer to use over Christmas. I don't have any potatoes, carrots or onions in store to make some warming stews for my dinners. This kind of weather always makes me think of big pots of stew or thick soups.

I hope to have finished off the shawl collar tonight so that I can at least show you one cardigan that I have made for Charlie for Christmas.

I hope that those of you with far more snow that we have in the UK stay safe and warm. We only have to get 2" of snow in the UK and everything grinds to a standstill. The councils are never prepared for it. I could understand if we never had any snow but we usually get snow every year. Some country areas have it bad they have 12 - 15" of snow which is a lot of snow for the UK.

Tinned goods vanish from the shelves as people panic buy as they know that fresh supplies are probably stuck in a wagon on a motorway somewhere. As long as I can get some staple things then I will be OK. I am not a fussy eater. Porridge is a great winter warmer at this time of year.

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Enid said...

hope you can get out to the market, Jan. I got a few bits extra today to cover for weekend. Am lucky to live in a shopping area, so not far to go, but have to pay for the convenience. I havn't got personal gifts to make, but doing a Dr. Who scarf for a dart member. She wants it for a 10-year -old. Been on it a fortnight, glad not for an adult!!!!!!
take carexxxxxxxxxx