Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Knit and Crochet Ornaments for the Kings Arms Christmas Tree

Last night I went to the Kings Arms Knit Club as it was tree decoration time. The landlady had provided a wire Christmas tree. Rachael (Artyarn) and Marie wrapped the wire in wool and mohair so that the ornaments could be tied onto the tree. Marie provided the lights. The tree isn't finished yet but I thought that I would give you a preview of what it is going to look like. There are still some crochet icicles and snowflakes to be added along with another set of lights. My photos aren't very good ones so hopefully Rachael will take better ones of the finished tree next week.

Yesterday I had an appointment with the Osteo clinic. I didn't get to see Mr Kim, of course, just one of his underlings. She expressed concern about all of the swelling still in my leg and has advised me to go and see my GP for some anti inflammatory tablets or possibly to increase my diuretic tablets as she feels that I am retaining fluid in the tissues around the knee. I still have a knee that closely resembles a large tree trunk and am getting a bit self conscious about the noticeable difference in sizes between my two legs. I am not vain about the scar or anything like that but I do choose my wardrobe with care now whereas I could throw on any pair of pants nowadays I have to choose baggy legged pants so they don't cling to my 'fat' leg or wear a long skirt. If I felt that the swelling was slowly decreasing then I wouldn't mind but it seems to be increasing slowly. She has made me an appointment to see Mr Kim, my surgeon, in a few months time and he will discuss the results of my surgery and review operating on my left knee. The hospital see my knee operation as a success even though I can't bend it properly or kneel on it. Whilst I do see it a successful in that the pain has decreased considerably I would like to see a lot more mobility in it but as the hospital says it is still early days and these things take time. Once the weather improves and I can do more walking that might help to disperse the swelling.

I had quite a busy day yesterday so didn't get much knitting or crocheting done. I did get one of my parcels from E Kemp. It's some sale wool that was 89p a balls so I could not resist adding to my stash. I will have plenty to keep me occupied in the new year.

I am still waiting for a couple more parcels from Purplelinda but I think that they have been held up with the bad weather. I also had to order a couple more balls of the black Patons Diploma as I know that I didn't buy enough for my younger niece's jacket. I hope that they still have the same dye lot. If not I will make a complete sleeve with the new dye lot and hope that there isn't too much of a difference. Last time I had to order extra wool from Purplelinda I was lucky and got the same dye lot.

I am trying to knuckle down to regulated hours for knitting and crochet in an attempt to get everything finished in time for Christmas. I prefer to knit the black in the daylight so that is my day shift project. My evening shift project isn't much better as that is either going to be another brown fleck boy's jacket or another boy's hooded beige jacket. Still the more that I procrastinate the less gets done.

Time to wash the dishes from last night and breakfast. I had so little time to eat and get ready to go out last night after my hospital appointment that the dishes got left in the sink. Bad Jan. Still there was only me to see them when I got back in. I decided not to do them last night and so they greeted me first thing this morning.

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KnitNurd said...

That's the same as me Jan...hate waking up to dishes in the sink! Sounds like you had a good time at Kings Arms, but I sure hope you take care of that knee!!