Monday, 20 December 2010

Back To Crocheting Again

Thankfully I think that the presents that I have still to make are all done in crochet. I can get on so much faster with crochet than with knitting. I think that I am safe to put a sample of my Sister in Law's Christmas sweater on here because as far as I know she has no idea that I have a blog. The sample is the back. Thankfully she is a very slim lady so not as much to crochet.

The pattern is Sophie from Patons Crochet Inspirations Book 3. I am using Patons Cotton DK in a dark navy blue. I got the pattern and the cotton from Purplelinda. I have put in another order with Purplelinda even though it may not arrive before Christmas. It doesn't matter as I have ordered baby wool to make a couple of jackets for the Kings Arms barman whose partner is expecting a baby girl in February. I have known Phil to chat to ever since I started going to Knit Club. His lady is into vintage clothes and so I think that she will like some of the vintage patterns that I have ordered from Vintage Lady (the link that I showed you yesterday.) There is something about those old matinee styles that is so timeless. Purplelinda also sells Sirdar Quickerknit that I need for some of the patterns although she only stocks it in white. I used to love the Patons Quickerknit for babies. It was soft and loosely twisted and quick enough to knit but finer than the double knit yet thicker than 4ply. Once again like the vintage patterns this order may not arrive until after Christmas with the postal delays because of the snow.

There hasn't been any more fresh snow today but the pavements have frozen and are like a sheet of ice so I am only going out if I really have to. I still have 2 presents to buy but I think that they will have to wait until the ice thaws on the pavements and roads. It is too late to order online so I will just have to hope that I can find something suitable in the local shops as there is no way I am entering into the melee of Christmas shopping crowds in Bury or Manchester.

If anyone took a look at Beverooni's blog and the Santa hats and beard can you give her your opinion. She wants to know if she should write up the pattern for sale. I think that it is unique and a fun thing and it will definitely be a winner. Perhaps not this year unless people are very quick crocheters and Bev is a quick writer but definitely one for next year.

I am hoping to finish crocheting the back of the sweater tonight although dark navy is almost as bad as black to work with. I still have the girls crochet jackets to finish and to start a crochet waistcoat in beige so I may give my eyes a rest and work on the lighter colours tonight.


June said...

What lovely gifts you are making for your relatives. I love the navy sweater, so pretty. Take care Jan in all this snowy weather.

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas, Jan. If anyone can get all those projects finished it is you. WONDER WOMAN.

I'm planning to write up the pattern but not sure if it will be free or for sale. I'll have to pry it out of my son's hands to get it back so I can look at what the heck I did. You know me (I'm just like you), I just wing it on a song and a prayer and what comes out comes out. ;-)

Hugs from Utah.

crazymotheringchick said...

That sweater looks lovely. You do such a beautiful job.