Saturday, 11 December 2010

Cozy Cover Ups

My third order from Purplelinda turned up today via the normal postman as it was a small package. The second order is still missing but as that is a larger parcel I will probably have to wait longer for that. I am glad that this order has arrived swiftly as it contained the extra balls of Black Diploma DK for my niece's cardigan. It is a different dye lot but very similar in colour so I will knit one sleeve and the collar in one dye lot and the last sleeve in the new dye lot. Differences, however slight, show up if the wool is joined int he middle of a piece of knitting. If the colour difference is slight then no-one notices if a whole sleeve is slightly different.

Along with my order I had chosen the Cozy Cover-Ups leaflet from Lion Brand Yarn. There are 4 crochet wraps and 2 knitted ones.

I like the Santa Fe Wrap on the front cover which is crocheted in a thick yarn. Although I probably would not wear it outdoors I am thinking that it would make a great winter cuddle up for in front of the TV when the temperature drops. I can definitely see myself crocheting that for myself.

The next is the Library Capelet which is knitted but once again in a thick wool. I am not sure if it is meant to be worn whilst reading or if you are posh enough to have your own library. I don't think it means the public library.

The Shaded triangles Wrap is another chunky knitted shawl that is worked in triangles. They are not separate triangles stitched together but stitches are picked up the side of one triangle to make another. Thus the fabric alternates in different directions.

The Perfect Pocketed Shawl is crocheted in chunky but is not a waistcoat as it appears. From reading the pattern it seems to be more of a long scarf with pockets and a collar. The one fault with this booklet is that there are no diagrams to clarify the actual shapes of the wraps.

The Painted Shawl is crocheted in chunky wool and looks like a very quick easy basic shawl pattern to make. Reads as though it is triangular in shape with a shell pattern edging.

The Belle Scarf is crocheted in chunky and it achieves it's curly wurly shape by increasing in every stitch to make it twirl. It is crocheted lengthwise. I have made a similar scarf once before but I gave it away to a raffle as it was too ruffly for me.

I have been to the Islington Mill today with Rachael (Artyarn), Roger and a few others for a Knit Out. There was also a lesson in screen printing T shirts going on in the same room. The Islington Mill is a converted mill (possibly an old cotton mill) that has been converted into separate artists studios but with a central meeting place/bar/cafe. Today I got a goats cheese, red onion and spinach sandwich. They also had leek and potato soup on the menu. All homemade stuff that's why it tastes so good. The Mill has been re-vamped lately and is a good meeting place. There is always something going on there. They have live bands and all kinds of different things.

I did some crochet on a jacket for one of my great grand daughters but I am not sure about the pattern or the wool that I chose. It is looking a bit like an overlarge matinee jacket. I will see what it looks like when finished as to whether I make the second jacket for the other great grand daughter.

The black knitting has now got a back and two fronts and I have stitched part of it together. I can't see to knit the dark colour in the evening even with my craft light and I make too many mistakes so I am knitting anther jacket for my friend Louise's younger boy in the evenings or carrying on with my crochet.It's all go in my house. The crafting never stops!

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