Monday, 27 December 2010

My Fur Grandchildren

I thought that today I would introduce you to my fur grandchildren. The first one needs no introduction as he has been the family dog for almost 10 yrs. He is 10yrs old but m y son didn't get him until he was about 10 months old and had 3 owners before my son rescued him. One of the problems with the previous owners could have been that he isn't at his best around children. He had a lot of problems at first as he had been starved and beaten so had digestion problems and fear of sticks and brushes. Now Buster is the old man of the troupe and is with me for a few days to have a rest from the other 2 dogs and the non fur grandchildren. As you can see he thinks that my new chair is a perfect fit for him to sleep and do his sentry duty from. He can spring up at the slightest sound and alert me of any dangerous cats or squirrels that might be set to attack me! I can see a battle of will later on when I want to use it but once I close the curtains his tour of duty is over and he will flop on the sofa or play a game of ball with me. I can't even take him for a short walk today and the pavements are still very icy because we had a bit of rain which has now frozen.

The next fur grandchild is Skye. She has a wonderful disposition for a rottweiler but unfortunately is big, heavy and very clumsy. She has a size issue in that she sees herself as a small puppy that can bound up to you and jump on your lap but at the weight she is she is more likely to crush you with kindness. Her only fault is jealousy. She cannot abide any of the other dogs getting attention. She is the Prima Donna of the bunch despite her gentle nature. My son calls her the bull in the china shop and when she is out for a walk on the lead he feels all of her 92 lbs when she wants to go the opposite way to him!

The photo of Skye and the pup Poppy shows that although Poppy is only 6 months old she is the height of Skye but is a lot slighter in build. She is another rescue dog of uncertain parentage as is Buster. She has the rottweiler markings but is supposed to be a German Shepherd mix but she acts and stalks more like a collie does. She is another dog with a loving disposition but at 6 months old she is a bit too playful for poor old Buster. She wants to lick his face and his ears and if he is not in a good mood it starts a bit of an argument. All in all though the dogs get on really well together and seem to have found their place in the pecking order.

I didn't get much crochet done last night or today. I think that I have slowed down to take a bit of a breather. Thanks for all of your comments. It's nice to know that like me you think that family is important at Christmas.

Buster has come off the chair to see what I am doing so if I am quick then I might just get to the chair before he does ;-) He has now given me his squeaky ball for a game of catch. He had a bit of an upset tummy after finishing off the veg from the Christmas dinner and has been very quiet and a bit listless since he arrived. He has just had yet another trip to the back garden and I think that he is feeling a bit better now. He managed to terrify Oscar the cat yesterday and I had to get his owners to come and entice him out from under the bed where he had fled to when Buster chased him. I had totally forgotten that Oscar had come in as usual in the morning until Buster spotted him. I don't think I will see Oscar for a few days as the poor thing was completely traumatised.

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