Monday, 13 December 2010

Finished Crochet and Knitted Ornaments for Kings Arms Tree

Tonight I went to the last Kings Arms Knit Out of 2010. When we meet again it will be in the New Year. The Christmas tree is finally finished. Marie starched the crocheted snowflakes and they have completed the tree trimming along with an extra set of lights that the landlady bought. The tree has been admired. It is a different quirky trend on the traditional Christmas tree and reflects that the Knitting Club is a part of the pub now, Different members took part in making different things for the tree so there is a variety in the ornaments that have been made.

Tonight we had a bit of a party with mince pies and Stollen and our newest knit club member baby Orla came for a visit with her Mum and Dad. It might be some time before she picks up her first set of knitting needles but she has a lot of 'aunties' to guide her when she starts.

I have finished knitting one sleeve of the black cardigan for my niece and started the collar. I will have to make the second sleeve with the different dye number. Tonight I was doing a bit of crochet as I cannot see to knit black in the pub.

Oscar,my lodger cat, came in for a sleep today and got quite upset with me when I had to pick him up to make him leave. He had been in all day and I don't have a litter tray any more so I was afraid of him needing a wee before I got back this evening. He has learned to trust me now and no longer sleeps with one eye open. He flakes out in a deep sleep now, and does not stir if I go into the room, so he must know that he is safe here.


The Garden Bell said...

Too cute. Stunning. Love the WHITE.

Anonymous said...

What a great tree! I love it.

Hey, do you take Interweave Crochet's magazine? There's some awesome things in it this month in Tunisian. Might get your interest going.

Enid said...

well done to all!!!!!

Bizzy Days said...

Just thought I'd pop in to say hello as i've been nosying at you for a while now :)
The tree looks great all decorated, all those snowflakes must have taken an age to do.
You have so much stash! I have stash envy here :0)
All those lovely yarns...
Take care,
kind regards,

Maria said...

The tree looks wonderful - well done to your group