Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Santa And The Snowman

I knitted these a couple of weeks ago but as I didn't have any stuffing they have been backwards and forward to the Kings Arms and to Rachael's house. They got mislaid for a week but finally I stitched them up today as I now have a bag of stuffing. It has taken me all afternoon to stitch them up and underlined my hatred of all things amigurumi. I just do not like fiddling about with tiny bits of knitting or crocheting and trying to stitch and stuff them. Give me a big sweater any day. Father Christmas looks a bit weird as he doesn't have a face but that is the way that he is on the pattern. It's not right is it? Santa without a face!

I have spent today washing bedding, throws and cushions. I have hoovered everywhere and gathered up enough hair to jam the vacuum cleaner hose. It's a wonder that Buster isn't bald with all his missing hair!

Today I woke up to snow. Not much by the US standards. Maybe only an inch or so but as we are so unprepared for snow in the UK everything grinds to a halt. It was the bin day and whilst the glass recycling and paper recycling wagons made it up the hill the normal refuse wagon didn't. Luckily I don't have that much in my bin so there is plenty of room to wait until next week. It's hard for the people with families though.

I think that I can safely start knitting and crocheting dark colours now. I might,however, finish off the long on the needles beige jacket that I am making for one of Louise's boys. I only have the hood to knit now. It has been on the needles for so long that it will now fit the smaller boy instead of the larger one. Do you ever have projects that you just completely go off in the middle of making them and take ages to restart them - or am I the only one? I try to knit or crochet things from start to finish. Well perhaps I have 2 or 3 projects on the go. I don't like having too many W.I.P as like the beige jacket they tend to get put in a bag or a drawer and forgotten about. After that happens I lose the urge to ever finish them.

If anyone has received a strange e mail from me yesterday then I can only apologize. My PC apparently got some kind of a virus and sent everyone on my e mail list an link for some kind of fake Viagra! I have now run a complete virus check and have hopefully got rid of it.


June said...

Know what you mean about leaving stuff and not going back to it. Once I leave a project and start another one, then the previous one will never get finished. I know what I'm like, so I hope to use up the surplus yarn on a large afhan. Your Sant and Snowman look very seasonal, I really like them

marg41 said...

Just how cute are your Santa and Snowman!!!? I had to smile about the amount of hair Buster lost, we have a small dog and every day we collect enough hair to make another one! Plus we also have a cat!!! I have just started my first prayer shawl, decided to give the other knitting on my needles a rest! It has to be finished by next week, so I will get back to it tomorrow. Feeling a little better after my op. but like you Jan, I find I tend to 'drop off' every now and then! I know it will only last for a short time, but it is a pain!!
Best wishes from DownUnder

KnitNurd said...

I thought that email from you was rather strange, Jan! I opened it but not the link...thank goodness!! It just didn't look right to me...thanks for letting us know.
I think your Santa and snowman are so cute!!!

ArtYarn said...

awwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!! soooo cuutteeeee.

MiniZillen said...

So cool! Love from Sweden