Monday, 22 November 2010

Granny Square Angel - I Think Not

I have been making a few more ornaments for the Kings Arms Christmas tree. I found a lovely pattern on Ravelry which was called a Granny Square Angel. That sounds easy I thought. 2 granny squares and 3 pipe cleaners (or chenille stems as they are now called). Making the bits was quite easy but as for crocheting over the stems whilst crocheting the squares together proved to be a bit like rubbing your tummy and patting your head at the same time. I have decided that I am not artistic and my angel looks more like one of the gargoyles with a ring on it's head. Ah well. I did my best but I definitely won't be making any more. I was muttering all kinds of naughty words under my breath and I am sure that it raised my blood pressure.

I have never been one for crocheting small things and the mere mention of amigurumi sends me into shock. I would rather crochet a whole garment than fiddle about with a crocheted doll.

I joined a group on Ravelry about how much stash do people have. Through that site one of the members introduced me to two more wool sites that I hadn't visited before. The fatal thing is that I took a look and there were loads of bargains. I will show you what I have bought and where from when they arrive. My stash is growing to the point of stupidity now and I will have to stop buying while I crochet some more to catch up. Bargains are bargains though and I can't miss them. I argue that I have saved so much money by buying it now and so justify my overspending. Hey a girl can never have too much stash! I could be drinking heavily or smoking like a chimney or even gambling with online Bingo. At least my spending has some tangible results.

My London niece has asked for a black doubled breasted jacket for Christmas and my other niece has a lovely suitable knitting pattern so I have ordered the wool for it. Boy am I going to have an untidy dining room for a while. I could make myself a woolly divan bed and sleep downstairs for a while.

Buster has gone home. My son and daughter in law came to get him yesterday and brought my grand daughter and her two little girls. Every time I see the great grand kids they seem to have grown another few inches. At least I know what they want for Christmas. Mum has decided they have enough toys and would like the money to buy them something in the after Christmas sales. They are still at the age when Father Christmas brings everything so they won't miss a present from me and they need more clothes for the Spring.

They brought my birthday present and I opened it early as I knew what it was. It is one of those bendy neck and body cushions. I took it to bed with me last night and curled it around my neck and had a brilliant night's sleep. My neck has never been right since I had a couple of whiplash injuries when young and I am always waking up with a sore neck.

My lady gardener came today and tidied up everything for the winter. She is not calling again until the Spring. I may be able to maintain it myself by then so I said that I will let her know how I feel once she resumes for the Summer.

I have had enough of the ornaments now so I need to finish off the knitted long scarf next. I will start the black jacket once the wool arrives later in the week.


KnitNurd said...

Great post, Jan! I hope you're getting along better with those knees.
I always enjoy seeing what you make next, so I'm looking forward to the gifts you will be making the nieces!

Mad about Craft said...

Just think how much VAT you are saving by buying stash before Christmas, not after when it goes up!

Its my excuse and I'm sticking to it!

pattas said...

I love making the angels.. all your crochet is great and I love reading your blog :))

Anonymous said...

You're one fast crocheter my
I think the angel looks fine.:-)