Thursday, 4 November 2010

Knitting Time Again

It's knitting time again. I have started the jacket for my niece's friend Eve. She has chosen quite a simple free pattern from Garnstudio Drops and the thickness is Aran so as Eve is only a UK size 10/12 it should not take me that long to make. I just wish that my stocking stitch was a bit neater. It always has ridges in it as if I have been using two different sized needles. I have tried experimenting using two different sized needles to see if that evened it up but without success.

The scarf for Louise is growing slowly. This is my 'sitting and waiting for the ambulance' knitting. I have now knitted 200 grams into it but I need to knit another 300 grams into it to make it a long length warm scarf. As I will be going to Physio again next week then I should have another 100 grams knitted into it by next week. My edgings are a little uneven but I am sure that I can sort that out once the scarf is finished.

I have ordered some more shiny yarn for the Christmas Tree Ornaments for the Kings Arms knitters tree. I have also ordered a pattern for little crochet ornaments. There are plenty of patterns on the net but as I don't have a printer at the moment I decided to order a pattern. My PC is in another room to the one that I watch TV in the evenings and I either have to write the patterns out by hand or keep nipping in and out of the room to view the PC which isn't exactly relaxing. When this arrives I will have a bit of crochet on the go to appease my crochet mojo which gets very frustrated when I am knitting most of the time.

Another wet miserable day today. I was going to go and do some shopping but I changed my mind. Luckily I had some muffins in the freezer as bread was the main thing that I had run out of. I am hoping for a dryer day tomorrow and then I can do a bit of shopping for the weekend.

No sign of my lodger cat Oscar today. I think because it has been so rainy he has stayed in his own house today. It has now gone dark and the curtains are drawn. I hate this weather when I have to put the light on and draw the curtains and it is only 4.30pm. It makes the evenings seem to long. I think that it will be a long time before we get any nice sunshine again. Maybe I should switch on the S.A.D light to perk me up for an evening of knitting.


KnitNurd said...

Oh Jan, I can hardly wait to see this jacket finished. Please be sure to get pics of the recipient modeling it!!!

Enid said...

colours of both are lovely.
it was very persisent for us, yesterday; and I had towels on the line!! nice and dry so far, will get 'em in and tumbled. hope the knee is improving?