Sunday, 14 November 2010

Eve's Jacket Finished On Time

Today I went out for a very enjoyable lunch with my two nieces and one of their husbands (the other one had the man flu) and a couple of friends. I managed to not only finish off the jacket for Eve but also a crochet cap to match. My niece and her husband are now en route back to London as my niece and her husband started the drive home after lunch. Eve may get her jacket later tonight or next weekend. It all depends on what time my niece gets to London.

The pattern for the knitted jacket was a free pattern from Garnstudio Drops and I have included a link into the blog title, It has made up fairly quickly especially since I got my new craft light although I do hope that the front band does stop curling upwards once it has been washed. The hat is crocheted and comes from the new booklet from Leisure Arts called In All Caps by Drew Emborsky aka The Crochet Dude.

The yarn that I used was Woolcraft Aran which comes in a 400 gram ball and I used 2 balls although there is a little bit left on the ball even after making the hat.

As I enjoyed a full lunch I won't have to make an evening meal and so I am going to settle down to making a couple of ornaments for the Kings Arms Christmas Tree as all being well I should be going to Knit Club tomorrow.

Today is cold. Not cold enough to snow but cold enough to make my legs ache. I went shopping on my scooter yesterday and when I got home I could not feel my legs. I think that I am going to have to go all grumpy old woman and take a lap blanket with me next time to ward off the icy wind. It's not even winter yet so I am going to need to get one or make one very soon. A nice cozytoze with a fur lining that babies have in their strollers would be great. It would be a bit awkward if I had to get off my scooter in a shop though I would have to bunny hop unless they come with a zip! Either that or a pair of fur lined trousers as I already have my winter knickers on. I don't feel the cold when I am walking but I certainly do when sitting on my scooter.

I am going to have a nice hot coffee and settle down with my crochet and my lapghan as since my operation my knees really feel the cold. Perhaps I could do with a bit of WD 40 or antifreeze in my artificial joint to stop it seizing up in the cold.


Enid said...

Eve should be very happy with your work.
bit nippy here, but I am feeling a glow>>>>watching Neil Diamond that I recorded last night

lubbly jubbly!!!!!!!

crazymotheringchick said...

That jacket is so pretty, and how nice to have a hat to go along. You do such beautiful work.

I do not envy you the cold. I live in a very warm climate, the southern United States, and I only go north in the summertime. Bundle up!

pattas said...

Lovely jacket, I am sure Eve will be very pleased...:))

Maria said...

A beautiful jacket - lovely work