Wednesday, 10 November 2010

My Knitting Head Light

My newest Knit and Crochet aid came today. I am not modelling it as I do look like a miner who has lost his coal pit but it will be very useful when working in a dim light. I love going to the Kings Arms Knit Club but the lighting is a bit dim in there and my eyes are not what they once were so I have bought this light to wear when I am in there. I just hope that I don't get too many giggles when I am wearing it and that Rachael doesn't have her camera handy! I have bought a wind up version so there is no having to go out and buy new batteries, I just wind the little handle of the blue box and I have light for another 30 minutes or so.

I have ordered a plug in craft light but that hasn't arrived yet.

I went to physio at the hospital today and I have graduated from crutches to a walking stick. They wanted me to start going to classes every two weeks but as I have a hospital appointment on that particular day I am going next week and then starting to go every 2 weeks after that. I have reached my goal with the angle of the knee bends but I still need to work on the leg straightening. Slowly but surely I am getting there and I am pleased with my progress. I still can't pedal all the way around onthe exercise bike yet. I did one revolution last week but pedalled backwards. This week I could not even do that.

I took the scarf knitting to the hospital with me and managed to knit almost another 100 grams into it. I have gone well past the half way mark now so it will get finished in time for Louise's birthday, I have finished the back and two fronts of Eve's jacket and have now picked up the stitches for the band. I still have both sleeves to do but the band will take far longer so I thought I would do that bit first. Hopefully the jacket is on target for being finished by Sunday.

I have been trying to make my list of things still to do for Christmas. As usual I should have started knitting and crocheting far earlier than I have. Every year it's a mad rush and every year I swear that I won't let it happen the year after. Good job I work well under pressure. I will have to get serious about my crafting this next month and stop messing about! I will have to make it like a job and have set hours for knit and crochet and set hours for housework and shopping etc. I am just not a very organised person and time just seems to slip by while I wool gather (not literally) and daydream.

Time for a bit of dinner and then back to the knitting. I will have to find my whip and give myself 20 lashes every now and again. I just wish that I could stop nodding off in the middle of the day like some old biddie!

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