Saturday, 20 November 2010

Buster Is A Bed Hog

I had a very broken sleep last night due to a big furry dog who insisted on lying next to me, on me and hogging the pillow. My son always says don't let him sleep on the bed but he always crept on the bed when he lived with me so it is a hard habit to break now. I just think that it's only for a couple of days and I can catch up with my sleep later. Sometimes he gets fed up with me as I toss and turn a lot and goes and sleeps in the spare room and then we both get a fairly good night's sleep.

As promised yesterday I have included a few photos from the 2 knitting books that I got yesterday. The Patons one has some jackets that I like. I quite like the multi way wrap as well but as I am short and stout I wonder if I would look like a badly tied paper parcel wearing one of those. They do look so smart on tall willowy women. I like the cardigan done in several different lace patterns as well. I am not going to start my sister in law's Christmas knitting until my niece has taken a look in the book and decided if she likes any of these patterns better than the one that we chose last week. She has a better idea of her Mum's taste.

The Turtleback jacket book is one for me really. They don't look that attractive but I find the shape so easy to put on in the house over a sweater when I get cold. Not having a long sleeve means that I can knit and do chores without having to push sleeves up out of the way. I like a couple of these patterns and will make myself one or two after Christmas when all of my Christmas present knitting and crocheting is finished. Until then I will be working the night shift to get everything finished in time. Every year I say that i will start earlier and every year I leave it until the last minute.

My knee seems to have got over it's hiccup of yesterday. The pain has subsided this morning and mobility is back to what it was. It really shocked me yesterday as I have been doing so well that I didn't expect such a painful set back. I can only think that I either twisted my knee as I got up from the chair or I had been sitting at a funny angle. I was hoping to have tried a short walk with Buster yesterday but decided to leave it and try today instead. I didn't want to push anything too far and regress in my physio.

I have almost finished one of my Christmas presents but I am afraid that photos will have to wait until after Christmas. I will only be able to show the projects of the people who I know don't read my blog. I am going to try to make another couple of Christmas tree ornaments for the knit club. I think that I may be able to go this coming week and as Rachael is starting to dress the tree on Monday I want to give her some more things as what we have already will look rather sparse on the tree. other people are starting to make some things for the tree so I hope that the tree looks nice and full when they are all finished and on the tree.

The weather is crisp and cold but dry. I have to walk up to the village today and will take Buster with me. It won't be the walk that he is used to but I don't want to chance a fall on the slippy ground in the woodland as everywhere is on a slope and will be full of wet leaves. Buster likes to come out with me even if we aren't going far. He will get a good walk once he gets home to the other dogs tomorrow. He gets plenty of exercise as the young dogs chase about all of the time and he tries to keep up with them. He doesn't do bad for a 10yr old dog. The vet said he was remarkably fit for his age at his last check up and vaccination.


jan1637 said...

I am getting such a laugh out of your adventures with Buster. My knee replacement is pretty much painless now, but I had mine in Feb 2009. It was after I read your post that I hadn't had one of those painful moments for a long time. But I did have quite a few before now, so I am thinking it must be a normal part of the healing process. I too love the multiwrap shawl, but unfortunately I would definately look like a badly wrapped parcel. Love you blog, you make me laugh at myself and that has to be good.

Anonymous said...

"The Adventures of Jan & Buster" would be a best-seller. I love hearing stories of your adventures.

I think I like most of those jackets/sweaters. Many are very flattering. Which one will you be making (after you get all your holiday knitting and crocheting finished)?

Zuleika said...

Good ol Buster. :-) Having a dog in the bed sounds pretty similar to having a man in your bed. lol

I love some of those designs. Can't wait too see photos of what you choose to make.