Wednesday, 3 November 2010

The Debra Jacket Is Finally Finished

I feel like this jacket has been going on for ever. I started it back in September before my knee operation. To be honest thought I have done other things and kept putting this jacket down in favour of crocheting other things so the actual length of time that it has taken me to crochet it isn't that long if I add up the hours. It is quite an intense stitch though as it is all done round the post so I could not work on it for too long or my wrists ached. The pattern is called Debra and is from the Crochet It, Love It, Wear It book by Drew Emborsky.

I am very please with the end result even though the fit is a bit snug at the moment. I am supposed to be losing weight anyway and also my crochet tends to spread a bit in the wash and in wear so no doubt it will give after a couple of wearings. I still have to put some belt loops on the jacket and then I can leave it open without losing the belt. I don't know how many balls it took as I lost count part way through.I will have to weigh the wool that I have left over and subtract it from the total amount that I started with. The wool was one of those label free bargain packs from Bury Market. The stall tells you that it is branded wool but is not allowed to tell you whose it is. This was quite a thick double knit but fine if it was meant to be an aran thickness.

Part of my order came from Purplelinda yesterday. The silver and white metallic thread is what I was waiting for as I will use it to crochet some ornaments for the Kings Arms Christmas Tree when I go to the Islington Mill on Saturday.

The navy Patons cotton is for something for my sister in law but the pattern is yet to be decided upon. The large ball of navy aran is one of two that came from the Yarn Barn in Shaw and I am going to cast on my younger niece's friend's jacket tonight. I also ordered some beige cotton from Purplelinda but that is to follow later.

Today I went to the Hospital for some more physio exercises. The swelling in my knee is going down a bit and so the physio was quite please with my knee bend measurements today. My knee straightening exercises still need a lot of work as I feel like I am walking with my knee slightly bent all of the time.


Sharon Marie said...

Lovely pattern, color and workmanship. You did a great job!

Allysa said...

Beautiful jacket!!!

crazymotheringchick said...

Very nice. You do such lovely work. I like it a lot. That color is beautiful as well.

Anonymous said...

I'm so excited to hear the swelling is going down, etc. Before you know it you'll won't be feeling any pain or stiffness.

Love the jacket. Love it. Love it.

June said...

Good news Jan. So glad the swelling is going down and your knee is improving all the time. Love the jacket, beautiful work as usual.

Enid said...

absolutely gorgeous!!!!!!