Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Another Wet Miserable Dark Day

Last night I went to Knit Club at the Kings Arms in Salford. I have pinched one of Rachael's photographs and although we are all looking desperately serious on the photo we did have a good evening with plenty of laughs.

The landlady of the pub has bought a metal spiral Christmas tree and our next project is to crochet or knit the ornaments for it. I haven't started yet but I have been looking through my patterns, the ones on Ravelry and Crochet Central. I have quite a few ideas buzzing through my head. Rachael has some icicle type patterns and have ordered some white and silver metallic thread to make them with. I have also seen patterns for candy canes, tiny stockings and sweaters on Ravelry. We are sticking to the theme of red, white and green with bits of shiny white or silver thrown in. We wanted to have a Christmassy colour theme rather than a hotchpotch of different colours.

I am about 4 rows away from finishing the belt of my maroon crochet jacket. I still have to stitch the sleeves together and set them in but I am hoping to get that finished tonight. Last night I put a few more rows in on the grey knitted scarf for Louise. I like a bit of mindless crochet or knitting for Knit Club nights. I am getting worse at concentrating on a pattern and chatting at the same time.I even went wrong on the Fisherman Rib but I manage to unpick it and correct it.

I have wasted much of today searching for patterns. I have ordered some cotton to make something for my sister in law for Christmas but as I don't buy knitting magazines I think that I am going to have to enlist the help of my niece to choose a pattern for her Mum. I need to start the plain navy jacket for my other niece's friend as my niece and her husband are coming to Manchester on the 14th and I would like to have it finished by then if possible to avoid having to post it down to London. If I don't make that deadline then a friend is visiting them in London the week after that. It is quite a plainish jacket so once I start I should be able to crack along with it. Well that is providing I don't fall asleep that is.

My sleep pattern is still all over the place. I can't sleep long in my bed at night and so am nodding off during the day. Days go by and I seem to accomplish very little. If things don't get better by the weekend I will book an appointment with my GP for a chat. I have been switching on my S.A.D light every morning but it doesn't seem to be livening me up any.

Yesterday I did get a rude awakening when I tried to have a shower. The water was freezing cold and would not get warm. I could not understand this as the radiators were warm. Fortunately I managed to restart the boiler and was able to continue my shower in the warmth. I had a few hairy moments. We take our central heating boilers for granted and when they go wrong it is a catastrophe.

The curtains are all drawn. The lights are on and it's only 5pm! The clocks changing do make the evenings so long. I can still hear the rain hammering down on the roof. I do hope that there is something entertaining on the TV tonight to distract me otherwise I will be fast asleep again like some old biddie. I had my lodger cat in all last night but I think that because of the rain he is in his own house tonight. I had to literally put him out this morning for a wee as he wasn't for leaving on his own. I think that he is too comfy in my house. When the car I was in drew up outside my house last night he came running across the road to greet me and then he dived in the front door even before I walked through it. I am too soft with him. He has all his own way in my house whereas at home he has to contend with 2 noisy teenagers and a 12yrs old. He likes the comfort and the peace and quiet of my house.


Enid said...

Hi Jan, glad you made it to the group. Makes a difference to have company. I was in hossy for four days last week, and just about recovered from anaesthetic. Took loads of yarn but only crocheted one square :(( Those baby patterns are gorgeous. May look for that book myself. It is still persistantly here, keep warm

crazymotheringchick said...

That is a great picture of y'all with your yarns. I love it, looks so cozy.

Sounds like you've got a lot of projects going. Love seeing the end results, you are so talented.

June said...

It's that time of year again Jan, short dark days, but you all look warm and happy in your group. Glad you were able to make it there this time. Looking forward to seeing what you make this time.