Thursday, 11 November 2010

Another Craft Light

I ordered a plug in craft light for when I am knitting and crocheting in the electric light. This lamp is described as daylight suitable for craft work and also a S.A.D light. As I already have one S.A.D light I can now be sad in more than one room now without having to find and plug a light in. I can't tell the new light's full potential until it is dark which won't be long as the night's are getting really dark around 4pm. I did buy a craft light a while ago but I could not direct the beam anywhere near me as it made my hands almost burn as it got so hot. It has now broken as I knocked it off the desk. I do hope that the new light doesn't have the same problem. I like a bright light for crafting but I don't want a burned neck and hands.

I got fed up of sitting with my head practically under the lampshade of my standard light in order to see my work when I am using a dark colour. Last night I was knitting with navy blue and even with the head light I couldn't see what I was doing. I am hoping that when tonight comes I will have this lovely bright light to illuminate my old eyes. The only snag with this light is that it has come attached to a very short length of flex so it will be tricky stretching it to where I want to stand it even with an extension cable.

The out of stock Christmas Ornament book arrived from Purplelinda today. The reason that it says 3 ways on the cover is that inside there is a choice of making the ornaments in different thicknesses and therefore different sizes. I haven't had a good look at it yet but I think that there is quite a few patterns that I will use for the Kings Arms Christmas tree project.

I have managed to finished off one side of the button band on Eve's jacket. It doesn't sound like I knitted much but the band is 6" wide and has shaping for the collar. It is in a rib and I had to stare at what I was knitting so that I didn't go wrong. I have just picked up the stitches for the other side of the band and have also cast on one sleeve. Hopefully I will be able to see the second button band clearer with the new craft light. All being well it will get finished by the weekend.


June said...

Lovely book of Christmas ornaments. They look like a lot of fun to make Jan. Also the new lamp will make things easier for you in these long winter evenings.

Anonymous said...

I love that ornament book. How cute. Can't wait to see what you make. That light is just like mine. I really like it.

Hugs from across the pond,

Zuleika said...

Hope this light works better for you. We all know you need to be able to see all those creations. :-) Love that book! Was just thinking I should crochet some ornaments this year.