Wednesday, 6 February 2008

My new friends through internet blogs

I just want to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you to everyone who leaves comments for me on the blog. It's nice to know I am not chattering to myself (although I do that from time to time, if anyone catches me I say I am talking to the dog) I wish I was talented enough to put those box links down the side of my blog like the US girls do linking all you lovely ladies together, and crediting the blogs that I read, but as I am a true internet dummy I just about know how to type. Maybe one day I will catch up with technology but by then it will have moved on!

Thanks Juno for your comments on my last post I would like to return the favour of reading your blog but there wasn't a link for me to follow. I did manage to find several of your blogs Ambermoggie you are such a busy busy girl!

The photo today is of a crochet bolero I would like to make. it is in one of my new books "Positively Crochet". It is done in Sari Silk ( which looks very beautiful but is also quite expensive for something that I would only wear now and again. Vicky ( had also had toyed with the idea of using the yarn for a shawl but decided that it had no stretch and would be difficult to work with. I had thought of using instead the Marble chunky that I had found on Bury Market but knew they didn't have the colour I wanted. This is where the wonderful world of the blog kicked in. My internet friend Ailsa ( found out that I could get the yarn on line from Readicut. Cheers for that. I can now get the colourway I want. It is a bit more expensive than the market was but still a fraction of the price of the Sari Silk. Unfortunately it's not as vibrant as the Sari Silk but infinitely more practical for wash and wear.

The exercise class went well. They are a cheery bunch although a lot of them are on crutches or in a wheelchair. We have great hilarity and a sort of strange humour going on. One guy in a wheelchair has just one leg so when she said now tap the other leg he says I am tapping it - you just can't see it! Julie the instructor will say things like -squats and jogging next - and when everyone looks at her a bit startled she says "Aha gotcha that time that's next week!" It was as usual an undiciplined class with lots of wayward twanging or uncontrolled bands flying about. A lot of ladies have problems with co-ordination which is hilarious. As for the pelvic floor exercises - well I will leave the comments made to your imagination. The men find it especially humorous. No matter how old guys are they still keep the schoolboy toilet humour thing.

I have finished the second piece of the man's doubled helmet and started on the first piece of the ladies. I can now make them without looking at the pattern I have made so many of them. No progress on the socks. I am longing to do something other than the hats but orders come first. I knit a lot slower on the 5 needles than I would on a pair so am chomping at the bit to get some straight needle knitting or crochet so I can feel I have achieved something for a week's knitting.

The sun is shining and the garden is such a mess. Overgrown plants and dead plants in pots etc. I am not in the mood today but must get to grips with it soon as Spring is around the corner and it will soon be time to attempt to grow some vegetables in pots again. Last year I played at it and wasn't very succesful but I am determined to make more effort this year. The dog has killed what was left of my lawn and it is very unattractive with huge dead patches and mud in parts. Hopefully it will recover as it did last summer when the sun shines.


ambermoggie said...

thanks for reading my blog:) I try to keep busy, what with health stuff and the Mr and his cancer some days the crafting keeps me sane:)
I love the bolero, let me know how it crochets up as I haven't done a crochet pattern for a long time, I usually stick to crochet blankets, when not knitting that is:))
Sun shone here also today and its fabulous although it highlights the weeds:)

Rose said...

I just love reading your blogs, I used to go to Bury often on the tram (forgot what it's called!!Metro??)I love Bury market and always called for black puddings at Chadwicks and had a hot one with mustard whilst I was there yum yum!!!.
I love the crochet shrug is the pattern on the Internet?? Love the picture of you too you look a lovely lady and I am sure you are. I too love children , our little adopted Rosanna stayed with me two days this week I have taught her to knit now , she loves it and it helps to occupy her, she has a short attention span. Hope you have a good day look forward to hearing from you soon my email address is kind regards Rose x