Saturday, 16 February 2008

Decisions (crochet ones) have been made

After many false starts and lots of unravelling I have finally rediscovered my crocheting mojo and made decisions as to what I am actually crocheting. I have started the purple sale wool as an openwork cardigan for myself with fingers crossed as to whether the amount will spin out (possibly slightly shorter sleeves?) I have found a use for the 200 + a bit grams of the black wool left over from Kath's sweater and am making her a small bolero. The red mohair shrug for myself continues to grow albiet very slowly. It will get finished eventually. So I now have 3 crochet WIP plus the everlasting knitted socks.

I have ordered a crochet book of socks from Amazon today as I desperately need socks. Crochet ones are nowhere near as nice as knitted ones but a few pair to wear as house socks whilst I am recouperating after my op will be very useful. Crochet socks are usually far baggier but that won't matter as I won't be walking far it's just a matter of keeping my cold feet warm. They will also make small hospital projects if I feel like doing anything whilst in there. I can crochet whilst propped up but can only knit in an upright position. I have also ordered another book of crochet. I will post photos when they arrive. I shouldn't really be spending any more money on myself but I thought I deserved a treat to lighten my spirits after this week's news.

Last night I went out to a 60th birthday party. It was good to get out and about and I knew a few people there from the arthritics water aerobics class but it was a very cold night and my back protested a lot as everytime people opened the door to go out for a smoke the cold air whipped across my back. Bad choice of seating and a typical hard plastic event chair didn't help either.

Today is sunny although cold and I have my bedding washed and blowing out on the line. A true sign that spring is around the corner. I am off now to walk Buster as he has been waiting patiently for his walk whilst I cleaned the bedrooms and bathroom.

I am off out again tonight for my brother's birthday dinner. It's funny how events happen one after the other. I haven't really been out for months and then 2 events on 2 days. I will wrap up a bit warmer tonight in case I get the draughty door syndrome again.

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JUNO said...

I love your cardigan pattern and it will look lovely in the purple yarn. I hope your operation is a great success and you will be free of back pain soon.