Monday, 25 February 2008

A hundred reasons why I don't need to knit or crochet for myself - but I still do !

Today I decided to catalogue my hand made clothes that are still in weareable condition.(1st photo) I soon got fed up as I realized it would take me all day to do that as I get bored very easily. I tipped out one shelf on the bed and then re-stacked it back again (2nd photo). I looked in the other wardrobe where I keep my thick cardigans stacked under my clothes and it was overflowing from the very deep shelf. You can only see a fraction of them as they are all crammed in (3rd photo). I went into the other wardrobe where you can see other crochet items slotted in between the tops (4th photo) and decided that if I never make another item for myself I will be clothed until I am about 90yrs old. What am I wearing today? A bought fleece top. I rest my case. I have more clothes in different wardrobes and I know I should have a clear out but most of them are in comparatively new condition so I am reluctant to part with any of them to the charity shop. And don't get me started on my shoe collection. I have at least 80 pairs of shoes and boots plus some high heels which I haven't worn in ages due to my back but I am hopeful of wearing again one day.

I think all this stems from my childhood and only having a few clothes. My husband would not let me buy many clothes and as soon as he was gone I just went wild and spent loads on clothes. Most of my clothes are chain store but I used to have a real clothes and shoe fetish which all stopped once I left work and no longer had much cause to wear them. My life these days revolves around dog walking and exercise classes so there is no need for posher clothes. I am hopeful of returning to some kind of work if my back operation is succesful so maybe they will get worn once again.

The stash is of yarn that I have collected purely because it was a bargain buy etc and most of it is acrylic and not terribly inspiring. There are a few items of value in there of mohair and cotton. Now you can see why I am on a no buy period in my life although amazingly enough I never have the right thickness or colour for whatever I want to make. The only sock yarn I have for example is a couple of balls I bought from the not so Angelic site and 3 balls that I had given to me by Vicky. So if I am still knitting socks when this is used up then I may have to purchase some more as I don't think double knit acrylic will make very nice socks!

If you click on any of the photos you will get them in detail. My friend laughs at the way I have to sort my hanging wardrobe colour co-ordinated. I tell her it's the only way I can find things. I have to put trousers and skirts in colour order as well as the tops. I even do the same with shoes ! I am not sure what that says about me these days as when I was young my mother was horrified at the state of my bedroom and wardrobe as I stored most of my clothes on the floor in a jumble. I would have never thought I would get tidy(ish) in my old age.

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