Wednesday, 27 February 2008

The earth moved for me last night ( well early this morning )

Wow ! Scary! I was still awake merrily adding some knit and crochet photos onto Ravelry and Flickr around 1am when the whole house started shaking. I thought something had fallen off the roof at first as I have a flat roof on the extension part of this room. The overhead light was shaking like mad and my rocking chairs were wildly rocking on their own. My PC chair was vibrating so under other circumstances it could have been quite an exciting experience! I looked outside but no-one else seemed to be concerned. The whole street appeared to be asleep in bed. I had a rum and coke to calm my nerves and eventually went to bed and forgot about it until this morning.

This morning I Googled earthquake in Manchester and found out it had happened in quite a large area of the UK with the Midlands appearing to be at the centre of it. It must have been one hell of a shake. I will watch the news later and see if there has been any damage. We are not used to this sort of thing in the UK although it has been happening more and more over the last few years.

The last time I remember it happening I was still working. Our building was one of those thrown together modern concrete affairs so we were used to a bit of building shake every time a truck went past or a tram pulled into the station. They were also building flats close by and had a pile driver thumping away and we could feel the vibrations from that on a normal day. I was having a coffee on my break upstairs in the canteen when the building felt like it was shaking apart. That quake felt much stronger than the one early this morning but maybe my house is built from stronger stuff (pre-war) and can withstand the tremors better!

I am off to the dentist this morning to be measured for a bite guard. No I have not taken up boxing - apparently I am grinding bits off my teeth when I sleep (I did wonder why I have half the length of teeth that I had on a photo from my son's wedding 4yrs ago) Another attractive feature for me to wear in bed along with the sleep apnoea mask! Is it any wonder I am still single. It would be like sleeping with Hannibal Lector. I shall add it to my list of attributes. Over weight, penniless, jobless, mask and bite guard wearing blonde with dark roots who cannot walk far desires a mate. I don't think that would draw much attention on do you?

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Crobbles said...

Why not go the whole hog... and have rollers and a face pack too! Oh and don't forget the hair net.
I'm being silly ;-) If it helps you get good rest then why not. You'll feel heaps better every morning. It will also help keep you strong for the up coming op.