Thursday, 7 February 2008

Decisions, decisions, decisions

When I was in Bury on Tuesday I went into the wool shop on the Rock that is closing down and bought 8 x 50 grams of some unlabelled but lovely to feel yarn for 49p per ball. It appears to be a soft double knit and so I have been looking for a pattern to use. I could knit it but as I haven't crocheted in a while I wanted something to grow quickly to get my knitting and crochet mojo back. The first pattern for the circular shrug could be double knit but is crocheted on 6.50mm hook which is quite loose. The cardigan is probably more useful and wearable and is definitely in double knit says I need 10 x 50 gram balls for my size. I could, of course, make it slightly shorter or shorten the sleeves. I have put the ball of my bargain wool near the patterns so you can see the colour. I will have a think about it whilst I walk my dog. I have my best ideas whilst walking in the wood. I must not start it until I have finished off the knitting.

I finished off one half of the second helmet so hope I will finish them off tonight. I find I am a bit lacking in enthusiasm for this second hat. I am not too good at knitting the same things over and over. I like variety in my knitting to stop getting bored. I want to move along and make something else now or to knit my socks. I have only got 2 pairs of hand knit socks and a pair of footlets and my shop bought ones that I like are getting a bit holey.

The name badge is from my water aerobics class. I got issued with it today. It is supposedly so that the instructor knows our names but I think it's in case I forget who I am. I can look at my chest and remember! I will probably forget it is pinned to my swim suit and wash it one day. The class is great fun and I love it as I find I am quite athletic whilst in water. There is no pressure or weight on my back and I can do lots of exercise whilst bouyant. Needless to say I have had no response to my ansaphone (the specialist's secretary is never there) phone call I made to the hospital last week asking for an update on my situation. I seem to have drifted once again into the forgotten zone. I know as we grow older we grow invisible but surely the NHS is not supposed to keep losing me in the system.

I am off to walk the dog now. He is sulking in the front room as I left him all morning whilst I went to exercise class. He likes a routine. He is only happy when walks are at the same time each day. Hospital appointments and exercise classes spoil his day!


JUNO said...

I really like both of those patterns and either of them would look great with that wool. You really got a bargain there at 49p a ball. I am crocheting a cardigan at the moment in pink cotton from a pattern I bought on Ebay and it is looking good. My dog went to the groomers today and is looking very dapper. I hope you come to a good decision when you are out walking your dog.

crobbles said...

Love the colour!