Saturday, 23 February 2008

Crochet socks - so quick to make

Yes I know they are not as attractive as knitted socks (but as I have been limping my way along with a knitted pair for ages and have not even got to the heel yet) I am so impressed with the speed at which they crochet. The reason for the part finished socks is not to avoid the second sock syndrome it's that I have an awful feeling that I may have to finish up with blue or lemon toes as crochet seems to gobble up the wool at a rate of knots and my ball is rapidly disappearing. I didn't want to have to unravel as I have been doing an awful lot of that lately so decided to stop the first sock and start the second and at least get them to the same point before I have to change colour. For the observant who may have noticed that one sock is slightly larger than the other it's because I could not resist trying one on after I did the heel just to check the fit was OK. I love the heel stitch if you can see it in the close up. I had to double crochet every alternate stitch 2 rows down and it not only forms a mock ribbing look it makes a doubled thickness for wear at the heels. I must waggle my feet about inside my boots when I walk because all of my socks wear out underneath my heel and not on the re-enforced heel part. My mother used to knit socks on her circular sock knitting machine many years ago and she always ran cotton or nylon thread along with the wool at heels and toes for extra wear. I don't know if this was her own idea back then as none of the old patterns mention it but I have noticed that on some sock knitters blogs people mention doing this.

I don't know why I still do my big chores on a Saturday. I think it is years of having to do chores at the weekend because I worked full time. Since I retired 2 years ago I still carry on with the routine even though I have all the week to do it now. Old habits die hard I suppose. I used to work on Saturdays when I had the shop but it was an early close day so I used to wash the bedding before I went to work and then call for my weekly shop on the way home, then start cleaning when I got home. My ex husband always watched or played football on Saturdays so he was never home much before 6-7pm. My son used to disappear at dawn on his bike and I was lucky if I saw him at all! When I stopped working Saturdays and got divorced I still kept this routine up and still do in retirement when there is only me to please!

I got a letter from the hospital yesterday confirming I am on the waiting list for my operation and although it stated that the maximum wait was 20 weeks it gave me no idea whether it could be before that. I know I am not on the next 6 weeks list as I was told that when I rang about stopping taking tablets etc before the op. This letter also gives me a list of what tablets I can and can't take. I cannot take my anti inflammatory pills for 10 days before which could be a bit painful. I am a bit concerned with the bit that says I have to be free of acne, dermatitis, eczema and psoriasis in the operation area. Anyone who suffers from any of these things knows how hard it is to stay clear all of the time. I guess I will have to be extra vigilant about applying my creams (or oinkments as my son used to call them) and pray I don't have a flare up of eczema at the top of my builder's bum as I am prone to. I will take a list of my prescription drugs when I go to the pre- op just to make sure what I have to stop taking. I have already stopped taking my HRT as that has to be stopped 6 weeks before so if I suddenly start getting mood swings and wrinkles then I can blame it on that! I have had a really bad headache ever since I stopped taking them but I doubt if that has anything to do with it.

I am off to Tesco now. I got £8 in vouchers so I can buy my hair dye this week. My friend Caroline is coming next week to cover up the dark roots once again. Surely I should be going grey or white by now? I have got white streaks over each ear so at least the re growth doesn't show there but the top is as dark a brown as it ever was! I may try to knit another of the Carrie tops before she comes as I still have wool left. There are larger sizes on the pattern so perhaps if I knit her a huge size it will come out big enough for her. I don't want to use the 10mm needles as recommended on the pattern to make it larger as the texture was loose enough on the 8mm I used. I think it would flop and drop after washing using larger needles. I like knitting/crochet to have a reasonable amount of body to it.


Zuleika said...

The socks look so cozy and pretty! I started knitting a pair of socks last June, and I only still have half a sock to show for it. I did some crocheted socks instead, and haven't felt like picking the knitted one up again. *sigh*

That is a strange thing for them to request. If those ailments were so easy to get rid of, no one would have them!

Mad about Craft said...

If it is any help I take 2000mg Evening primrose oil capsules and have Holland & Barrett breakfast sprinkle on my ceral each day and this has just about banished my excema for good! The breakfast sprinkle has pine nuts, pumkin seeds, sunflower seeds, linseeds and dried fruit in it and I absolutely swear by it.