Friday, 8 February 2008

Doubled helmets finished at last

The hats are finished and ready for collection. I am looking forward to picking up my crochet hook tonight and deciding on what to make next. I still haven't decided which pattern to use for the Sale wool. I may crochet something else while I decide. I just don't feel like 5 needle knitting again tonight so the socks are back on the back burner.

I haven't done much today just the usual dog walking. It will soon be the weekend and a slight change of routine. I was just really de-motivated today. It's the weather I think. Saying I feel depressed is too strong a word it's just more a pissed off at life in general sort of feeling. The minute the sun shines I am a different woman, perhaps I have a touch of S.A.D syndrome. I wonder if those light boxes really work? Not that I am ever likely to find out as they cost quite a few quid. It would be nice to rent one for a week to see if it made any difference as I would hate to save and save to get one and then find it didn't work on me.

I didn't get to Bury market today. Rose reminded me (in her comments on my last post) of the black pudding stall in Bury market. I think my taste buds must have altered over the years though as they really don't taste as good as they used to or maybe the Fat Police or Gillian McKeith have been around changing the way they are made. I once made the mistake of getting a low fat black pudding. It had all the taste of herbed sawdust! A funny thing happened the last time I bought a black pudding in a paper to eat as I walked around the market with my friend. A seagull flew over and pooped not only all over her neck but also on my black pudding. Her little boy thought it was so funny he couldn't stop laughing for ages. You must read Rose's blog (you can get to it via the link of her name). She has moved to Romania and is starting a new life over there. I don't think I would ever have the guts to leave the UK and move somewhere else at my time of life. Nice thought though to have a fresh start on everything. Leave the past behind etc.

Some days when the sun never shines I feel very bored with my life and yet other days when the sun shines I feel energised and happy with my lot. I like GB it's just the weather that gets me down (and my ongoing wrangles with back pain and Hope Hospital of course)

My next door neighbour had her first chemo yesterday. I saw her walking her dog today but she was in the distance so we just waved. She is devastated at the thought of losing her hair. We had a long chat the other day and I tried to re-assure her and get her to look at the bigger picture. It is far better to concentrate on getting better and although it is very sad to lose her hair, it's a small price to pay for her long term health. She went out and bought a really nice wig this week so I think she is more resigned to losing her hair, hopefully only temporarily. It makes me put things into perspective. I may have chronic back pain on some days but it is nothing compared to the health issues people like my neighbour and some of my blog friends have to deal with on a daily basis. I think it is all to easy for me to say "Oh Woe is me" and get too wrapped up my own problems when others are having it far rougher. I do try not to moan on about my back but some days I just feel like having a right old whinge to myself and pampering myself a bit. Right moan over. Time to move on.

Yesterday I made some chunky vegetable soup from a recipe I found in the Manchester Evening News so I only have to warm the left overs up for my dinner today. Things always taste better the day after especially when I make Tater Hash. I have made a concious decision to cut down on the amount of meat I eat in a week. I usually stick with chicken or fish. It's not often that I eat red meat these days although I am looking forward to perhaps buying some organic meat from the Farmers Market on Sunday.


JUNO said...

Those knitted helmets look really lovely. Now for some crochet, which I am sure you will enjoy, as I do. I wonder what you will decide to crochet. Do something glamorous for yourself.

Mad about Craft said...

Funny you should be thinking about light boxes. I have also been thinking about them just lately as I have more problems with the depression on the run up to Xmas and in January. I am beginnig to see the light at the end of the tunnel now because the days are getting a little bit longer and there are signs of spring. I would like to rent one to see whether it helps