Wednesday, 26 January 2011

What A Difference Bigger Print Makes

I picked up my knitting last night rather reluctantly due to be it being evening and the fact that I am knitting a dark colour. However with my new larger instructions I am quite happy and am progressing a lot faster. I no longer have to squint along the colours and many sizes to find out what I am supposed to be doing. I wish that there was a choice of larger printed knitting patterns as there is with reading books. It is no longer a chore to knit this cardigan. The pattern isn't showing up too well on the photo but in real life the cable pattern shows up quite well. It would look more distinct in a paler colour but my niece only wears blacks and greys most of the time.

Amazon continues to play catch up with my orders and today I got 2 CD's and a DVD. None of them are the latest ones but ones that I have wanted for a while. I love Priscilla, Queen of the Desert especially this version with Terence Stamp and this was on offer for a bargain low price so I could not resist it. Blake Shelton is someone I had not heard of until couple of years ago as I am not a great country music fan. I do like some country though and Blake's style of singing just appeals to my ears. As to the Disco Anthems - well I just like zippy music to put me in the mood for cleaning. Disco and reggae always put me in a good mood and seem to energise me enough to do a bit of housework. I suppose the music reminds me of my clubbing and dancing days which are long behind me now.

Talking about housework I have ordered a hand held steamer. I am hoping that the steam will get into the corners that I can't get to and, as I don't have much elbow grease strength at the moment, make things a lot easier to clean. I find it difficult to bend these days so low cupboards are a trial to clean. I am also hoping that it will work wonders on my neglected oven too. I will let you know if it works and everything sparkles. Hopefully it will arrive this week although the post is very erratic at the moment.

I am a little disappointed with a couple of the books that arrived today. Once again I must have not read the write ups correctly as I expected the Socks Two book to be for adults but more than half of the book is for children. The Wire Jewellery book is a bit fanciful for me. I wanted to know how to make beaded bracelets and plainer necklaces in knitting or crochet whereas this book has tiaras and strange looking wide bracelets and chokers. I learned more about how to do what I have in mind from You Tube videos.

The Crochet Coats book from Annie's Attic is one that I have looked at many times and balked at the price as it only contains 4 coats. However I saw it on sale on the Book Depository site and bought it. I must admit that I like all of the 4 coats so that makes the price more acceptable.

Thanks to dshood for your lovely comments. I am glad that you found the blog and like it. When I write my blog I always hope that I do inspire others to knit or crochet the way that other peoples blogs and work inspire me. I hope that you manage to work your way through your stash. That is my aim for this year but I do keep getting sidetracked. I am always so busy. I don't know just how I ever found the time to work. As for my style of writing I just type what is in my head at the time which is why sometimes it doesn't make a lot of sense. Everytime I open my blog I think 'I have not much to say today' and then I proceed to write half a novel!

I have been browsing on the vintage knit lady's pattern web site today and she has put some vintage knitted baby patterns on there that I don't have. I think that I have managed to replace most of the old Patons baby patterns that I lent out and didn't get returned to me.

I got a message today to say that the crochet hearts have arrived in Spain. I will look forward to seeing how they display them in the Art Gallery for Valentines Day.

I wish that I could dance as I am getting in the mood with this Disco Anthems CD. Burn, Baby, Burn Disco Inferno. My head is nodding like mad and my body is having a jig about on the PC chair. Come and join me in my Disco Fever tonight and join me in singing I'm Every Woman. Now where did I put those flashing Disco Lights?

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