Saturday, 15 January 2011

Finally The Missing Books Arrive

As you know I have been waiting for books to arrive from Amazon and the Book Depository for a few weeks, The postman knocked on my door and presented me with everything (except the crochet magazine) early this morning. There was also a CD that I had ordered as a present to myself at Christmas. I now have Robbie Williams to listen to and 5 books to browse today. It's not just me who had missing books. My friend Eadaoin has posted on my facebook page that her books have arrived today that she ordered before Christmas and another friend Dorrie has at last got her books from Amazon. Perhaps Royal Mail is catching up with deliveries at last.

I must have misread the write up for the Simply knit hats book as I thought that it was for all the family and it turns out to be just for toddlers. Never mind, as I am sure that I will find a use for it. I would hesitate to call it simple though as that is misleading for a novice knitter. The first pattern that I looked at had a skull and crossbones knitted in a contrast colour into the hat. Fair Isle knitting is not something that I would recommend for a simple knit. I will take photos of the contents on another day.

The Hooked on Crochet hat book from Annie's Attic looks like a book that I will get use from although there is a nice pattern (not shown on the cover) in it that needs a double ended crochet hook for it. Of course I only have Tunisian and normal crochet hooks so I doubt that I will make it as it looks a bit complicated. I would have to buy a hook and it hardly seems worth it just for one hat although there is a hat in the Just Hats book from Lion brand that uses a similar method. I haven't looked but I bet that it's a different sized hook. Sod's law eh?

The Precious baby booties book from Annie's Attic illustrates every pair on the front cover so there is no need for me to show you the contents of that leaflet.

The Crochet for Tots by Nancy Queen isn't a new book. It's one that I have thought about buying for ages but just never got around to it. There are a lot of workable patterns in it which I will show you later but I am not sure why there is a fixation in this book for three quarter sleeves. Sorry, but to me it just looks as though the toddler has grown out of the sweater or that I have made the sleeves too short for the child. The sleeves in the book are also very wide which I would adapt.

My baby knitted matinee is on the finishing stretch. I just have about half of the yoke to knit. It seems to have taken me ages to knit this jacket. I think that it's because there are lots of stitches on the needle at once.The body is knitted all in one and so is the yoke. I don't remember it taking me this long to knit it in the past but my knitting has slowed down over the last few years.

I have so many adult jackets to make in the pipeline just waiting for decisions on which pattern and which colour that I will be busy over the coming few months. I think that I will just start some hats for the homeless as if I start a big project then I am sure that I will get a decision any time soon and have to drop whatever I am making to start the relevant jacket. I still have the second jacket to knit for Charlie that I didn't get around to before Christmas. I haven't heard whether the jackets that I made for my Great Grand Daughters fitted or were appreciated. I think that my son will give them to the girls this weekend. I do hope that I get some feed back. I don't know about you but I do like some feedback on whether they fit or are liked when I give a present.

A couple of bloggers have kindly given me awards that I am supposed to pass on. My problem is that I like so many blogs that I find it so difficult to just pick out a few to award these awards too. I am very grateful to be judged worthy of awards and I would love to pass them on. Maybe I will just award them to everyone whose blog I follow as you are all very deserving. I find it difficult enough to post comments on the blogs even though I do read them on a weekly basis. I will have to make more effort to leave comments as I know how much I enjoy receiving comments. In the mean time just assume that I have read your blogs and enjoyed your postings.


Enid said...

I like acknowledgement of presents I give; even if in the negative. Wasn't just Xmas that caused delays in postal deliveries, > the 2 freezes beforehand didn't help. We are being an holding service for younger daughter's parcels, couple of which should have been here weeks ago.
Lookingforward to seeing completed matinee coat.

Mad about Craft said...

We've been waiting for late Amazon orders in our house too!

I got a Christmas card delivered on Wednesday!

crazymotheringchick said...

Ack, from your title, I was hoping you had received that missing magazine.

Love all the hats! I need to make a bunch of hats, those would be great gifts, would they not?

What an adorable pink outfit on the cover of Crochet for Tots! I love that.

I'm the same way about comments. I should be more attentive about leaving comments. I love to read everyone else's blogs, but don't comment on nearly as many as I should.

KnitNurd said...

I love Robbie Williams...good for you on receiving it!!! Enjoy, Jan!!