Tuesday, 4 January 2011

The Postman Brought Goodies

The postman came this morning and brought my order from Purplelinda. As my younger niece had admired her black cardigan so much I thought that I would get some wool in advance as it is her Birthday on the 2nd April. For a change from black I have ordered her some Patons Diploma DK in charcoal grey. I have yet to decide on a pattern but I wanted to give myself plenty of time to knit something as her elder Sister has a Birthday on 3rd April.I also want to make her something. My Sister in Law must be a creature of habit to conceive two daughters ,supposed to be born on the same day, 3 yrs apart. The only other time I have known this is my friend who had a 2nd daughter on her other daughter's 1st Birthday. I suppose that it saves on the parties when they are younger. One party each year for both of them.

I treated myself to the Mission Falls goes crochet book. I had admired a couple of things on Ravelry and found that they were in the same book so although it was pricey (as a lot of US leaflets are over here) I decided to get it. I like most things in the book although I don't think that the cover sweater is one that I will be making for myself. It's a bit too openwork for me but yet being in an aran thickness too warm to wear in the Summer and yet too short sleeved for a Winter sweater even over a T shirt. I don't like wearing something with short sleeves over a long sleeved T shirt.

I can see the Hydrangea crop being popular with a lot of younger people and my nieces would probably wear it if I made it perhaps an inch or two longer to reach the waist. I have always liked the Hibiscus Car Coat in Ravelry projects so that is a possibility for myself, My elder niece says that I always like wearing things long and droopy. She is right. It hides a multitude of sins. I am carrying far too much weight at the moment for things too fitted or too short.

Although I like the Daisy Snow shawl it is a no,no for me as I have a thing about circles. I just cannot seem to link them together right. They pucker or slant and end up losing my temper. As crochet is supposed to be relaxing I steer away from anything circular.

The Gladiolus Cardigan is another 'me' cardigan. I like a close stitch as it reminds me of knitting but with all the quickness of crocheting. I am not sure that I would add the sleeve tab detail though.

I like the way that the Blue Iris has a little tab at the waistline. It gives it the illusion of some shape at the waist. I think though that I would make the tab in the same colour as the sweater.As this is sleeveless I would wear it over a fine sweater or long sleeved T shirt.

The Granny Flower purse is not for me. I am not a lover of knit or crochet handbags although I know that plenty of people are. It's probably because I am not much of a sewer and I think that they need a fabric lining to be practical.

I love the multi coloured hat but the scarf is not for me. I also like the Rock Wrap but would have to alter it slightly so that it didn't fall off the baby's shoulders quite so much. I am not sure how to alter it. Maybe the band is just too large for the wrap and that is what is making it fall from the shoulders. I will have to look on Ravelry to see other peoples projects.

I love the little boys sweater but not sure about the high neckline with a zip. It would have irritated my son when he was small so I would probably opt for a couple of buttons for a closure and a slightly shorter neckband. I wouldn't make the Green Machine Truck as unless it was well padded most boys would sit on it and flatten it. My son would have got annoyed that the wheels didn't turn around.

Although I don't crochet for any men I can see that this Granite Tread vest might be something that would actually get worn by a man. More of a zipped body warmer.

I also subscribed to Crochet! magazine but as it is digital I can't show you any of that. I do prefer the paper versions of magazines but I couldn't find a place in the UK that I could subscribe to it from. The beauty of ordering digitally is that I also got access to 2 yrs worth of back issues as well as the 6 copies that I have paid for. Needless to say I didn't do much knitting or crocheting yesterday as I was to busy browsing 2 yrs of magazines. I have found quite a few things in them that I like.

I have managed to finish one of the girls knitted jackets and it is blocking out. I will start the second one tonight. It hasn't taken me long as it is mostly plain and is in chunky.

We had a wee bit of snow today but it isn't sticking. It has left the road very icy though and if it freezes tonight then it will be like a skating rink tomorrow. Luckily I have enough food in for a few more days.


Anonymous said...

Wow! I think I want your postman. I wonder if he'd bring me all those awesome things too. There are a lot of patterns in there I can see you making, Jan. There are some I can see on my daughter. I'm going to have to check into those patterns myself. You're always so good to show us what is in them so we can see if we want to buy them ourselves. Thanks for doing that.

June said...

How exciting to get a parcel, even though you ordered it yourself. Glad you have lots of patterns and yarn to get on with if we get any more snowy weather. You really are an inspiration Jan.