Sunday, 23 January 2011

Lazy Sunday

I have had a very lazy Sunday so far. It was the local Farmers Market today and I had meant to go there for some bread and meat. However, I turned over when the alarm went off and woke up again after 12. Although the market is technically open until 4pm I find that the bread sells out very quickly and has gone long before noon. It is gorgeous French bread and I am sad that I have missed buying some.

It is now 3pm and all I have done so far is have some brunch and wash the dishes.It is a very dark and dismal day again and I have put my SAD light on to try and clear the fuddle from my brain.

Last night I crocheted 2 more hats bringing the total now to 14. I think that it's time to take a break from hat making although I will make more now and again. These hats won't make it to the Big Issue this week so I may have time to fit in another couple in between my other stuff.

Today I am in the position of starting a new project. I have so many things to make it's just a matter of deciding which one to start first. I may start two of them this week and then I can swap from one to the other so that i don't get too bored with one colour. I do like to have more than one project but at the moment all I have is a snoozing baby 4ply knitted jacket and another snoozing crochet mini shawl somewhere in the drawer. As neither of those are urgent then starting something new is a big temptation. I will let you know what I decided tomorrow.

All the SAD light is doing is annoying my eyes so I think I will resort to a cup of strong black coffee instead and I just watch a bit of TV although I might nod off if I do that. Yawn. ZZZ


Zuleika said...

Those hats look nice and cozy! You've been working hard as always. hehe

marg41 said...

Dear Jan, Sunday is a day of rest, so enjoy! Shame about the market though! I love markets, I enjoy all the different stalls and buying fresh produce from the local grower.