Thursday, 13 January 2011

I Love Patons Vintage Knitting Patterns

There is something about a vintage pattern that really appeals to me. I am not sure if it is the memories that it evokes or nostalgia for times gone by. Either way it seems that I can knit or crochet far faster when I am using an old pattern that I can trying to figure out the new patterns. I suspect that newer patterns give us too much information whereas old patterns presumed that you knew more.I have really enjoyed making this matinee jacket. So much so that I have started another old pattern of Patons with the other two balls. The wool that I used is Sirdar Baby Quick Knit which comes in 50 gram balls. I had enough left from 2 balls to start the sleeves of the second jacket.I have slowed down somewhat as the second jacket is knitted all in one for the body and the more stitches I have on the needle the slower I work. I would be useless at knitting a shawl!

Yesterday I had to visit the hospital for a check up my CPAP and oxygen levels in my blood. I came home with a monitor to wear last night whilst I was asleep. As you know my sleeping patterns have been somewhat erratic of late so trying to get to sleep last night was fun. I was not only wearing my usual CPAP mask I also had a probe on my finger and an over sized wrist watch type of instrument to record my oxygen levels and heart rate whilst I was sleeping. I then had to post everything back to the hospital this morning special delivery along with a questionnaire asking me how well I had slept. Are they joking? Having extra things strapped to my body really helped with my insomnia.

Talking about postal deliveries I am still waiting for a parcel from Amazon another from the Book Depository and my Interweave crochet magazine which all seem to have gone walkabouts in the post. I took in a parcel yesterday for a neighbour and it was a Christmas present posted before Christmas and 3 Christmas cards! I have never known the postal service to be so bad and yet I got the patterns from Kay Jones on Tuesday and she posted them on Monday.

My next door neighbour has told me that she is moving and looking for a new home for Oscar the cat. I would have him except that Buster hates him and as Buster spends lots of weekends with me during the summer and sometimes 2 weeks when my son and his wife go on holiday I don't think that it is fair on Oscar. An old couple down the street have been taking him in also so I told my neighbour to ask them if they would like to keep him. Where my neighbour is thinking of moving to does not allow animals.Also her youngest son has developed an allergy to Oscar and can't stand him being in the house. This is very strange as they have had the cat for a few years now. Oscar came in this morning wet through and I had to dry him with a towel before he tucked himself away and went to sleep.

It's time for dinner and then I will settle down to the TV and some knitting. I do hope that my missing parcels turn up soon as it is worrying because I have paid for all of them and not got them. I contacted the firms today to say that nothing has arrived and see if they can track them down for me.


June said...

I know what you mean about the vintage baby patterns. Back in the day, when I was a young mum, I knitted lots of those Patons baby patterns and they always looked lovely and cosy for the baby and there were four patterns in each leaflet, so a bargain as well. As with most things, the old ways were the best.

Julie said...

That sweater is absolutely gorgeous! Fabulous job.

I enjoy your blog very much and wanted to pass along the "Stylish Blogger" award that I was given! You can read my post (and the link to your site) here:

Hope you get some answers on your health issues soon. Hugs!

Maria said...

I too love the old patterns. They were so pretty, never had to think too much, just do what they ask
Good luck with sleeping

Yarnbazaar said...

I absolutely like the sweater. I agree that the old ways were the best. I really like your site.