Saturday, 8 January 2011

Inside Crochet 14

The postman brought me a magazine this morning. I hoped that it was my Interweave Crochet that seems to be missing in the post. I bought a subscription from a UK vendor and they posted it off on the 29th. They have kindly said that they will post me out another copy if it doesn't arrive soon. Things are taking a long time in the post so perhaps I should not be so impatient. I still have an order from Amazon outstanding and some ink for the printer lost in space somewhere.

Today it was the latest copy of Inside Crochet issue 14. I have put a few photos on the blog but as there are 13 patterns inside I could not put them all on the blog.

The Tangle Twister scarf by Helda Panagary is sure to be a favourite with lots of people. I am not keen on anything so ruffled but then I am more of a plain accessory type of girl.

I do love the Cherry Wrap by Shannon Mullett-Bowlsby. Once again long and droopy wins me over. I am not on my own in liking this pattern as I noticed that there is a CAL ( Crochet a long) on Ravelry being set up for this garment. There has been errata printed for this pattern and it is listed on Ravelry. If anyone is thinking of making this jacket I would check that out first. I have ammended my magazine already.

The Artichoke hat by Linda Permann is really cute and makes me wish that I had a 'hat face'. Hats look lovely in the magazines and on other people but I have to make 3 or 4 hats each season before I get one that I feel reasonably comfortable wearing. I have a small head and very fine hair so any head hugger beanie make me look like small head, big body! Years ago I used to have a man made fur bonnet that tied under my chin and that was the only hat that ever suited me. I wish that I had kept it now.

The Bud Sweater by Lesley Arnold-Hopkins is very wearable. At one time I woud have made it in those vibrant colours but these days I would tend to make it in subtler colours. Nice to see a square neckline for a change.

The Dotty Hand warmers by Tara Murray are interesting. Two colours makes them more out of the ordinary than normal ribbed or plain crochet wrist warmers and give the impression on being knitted. I keep thinking that I will make myself a pair of wrist warmers to wear over fine gloves when I am out and on their own in tn the house on very cold days.

My elder niece fell in love with the green Fern Cowl by Claire Montgomerie. I wish that I had probed what kind of colour she would have liked and then I could have made her one for a surprise. The stitch reminds me of the Blue Curacao shawl by Doris Chan which, as you can tell from my projects, is one of my favourite shawls to make as a gift.

The Victoria Scarf by Robin Chachula is very pretty and would appeal to one of my nieces and the teenager from next door. As I have mentioned before although I admire fancy things on other people I tend to wear much plainer things myself but would make this scarf as a present for someone.

Other items in the magazine that I didn't take photos of are a crochet flower corsage, a motif afghan, filet place mats, a crochet flowery necklace, a felted bag and a sweater with flowers crocheted into the pattern.

The DVD of 'It's Complicated' was a Christmas gift from my younger niece. It was ordered before Christmas and was a casualty of the postal system. It only arrived at the beginning of this week so there is hope for my missing magazine and online orders. Hopefully everything will arrive on Monday. Fingers crossed.

Time for a coffee before I start cooking something for my dinner. Tonight it is meatballs in a tomato, garlic and onion sauce. I will probably team it up with spaghetti. Unfortunately I don't have any mozzarella cheese to go with it. I will make a big pot so I will be on meatballs for a couple of days unless I freeze the remnants.

I have to stitch up the second chunky jacket and then knit the button borders and the collar then both of my Great Grand Daughters jackets will be finished. I hope to have photos of them to show you tomorrow


Ambermoggie, a fragrant soul said...

some gorgeous patterns Jan:0 Especially the cherry wrap.
Happy new year

Ana Luisa said...

Lovely patterns, I especially like the Artichoke hat (although I, too, do not have a "hat" head), wrist warmers and the pineapple cowl.
Have a nice weekend, and enjoy your meatballs! I love to make meatball stew/soup, very similar to yours. :)

June said...

I'm also waiting for my Interweave Crochet magazine to come and I havn't received my copy of Inside Crochet either, maybe I will be lucky on Monday.
Like the sound of your meatballs, makes me feel hungry just thinking about them. Enjoy them Jan and happy crocheting.

crazymotheringchick said...

Firstly, the cover of this magazine is very inviting. Makes me want to buy it.

That artichoke hat is too cute. Wouldn't it look great in a red, a gold, a cream.... I could go on.

The handwarmers are so cute, as well as the cowl, and oh, the victoria scarf. Am I surprised that the scarf is designed by Robin Chachula? Not a bit.

I do believe I must get this magazine! And... I have found a place to buy it locally! It just takes us longer to get them, but I believe it will be worth the wait.

That movie is very cute. I've seen it, and truly enjoyed it.