Wednesday, 19 January 2011

The Mad Hatter

I am still making hats. Thankfully I have used the last of that super thick chunky Snowball. I didn't enjoy working with that at all. I tried at first to crochet with it and broke a crochet hook in the process. Thankfully my needles proved sturdier than the hook did. I hope that no-one minds walking around Manchester with a point on their head but the Chullo hat is the first one that I have followed a pattern for. It was one of the free patterns from Drops Garnstudio.

I have started the first of the hearts for Spain. Thanks CajunBlu for the link. I found some aran in Red so they will be nice chunky firm hearts and will make a good display for the Art Gallery. If I have enough wool I might make another pair of hearts to stuff or maybe some tiny hearts to scatter around in the gallery or make into a bunting.

Another dull dreary day which doesn't help me to be motivated. Hopefully I will have finished the hearts by tomorrow but they won't be finished off or stuffed as they will be easier and cheaper to post to Spain in 2 separate unstitched, unstuffed pieces. They will get stitched together once they arrive. I am hoping to get them posted off before the weekend to make sure that even with postal delays they get there before the 10th Feb. They want to decorate the studio before the 14th February.

I am hoping to finish the hearts today. At least it's a change from the brown, brown and more brown which seem to be the colours of my leftover stash. Last year I felt that it was mostly navy that I crocheted and knitted so at least the homeless will have a change of colours this year! I am going to try to knit a hat on my knitting machine to see how it turns out. I will have to finish it off by hand but at least I can knit the boring stocking stitch on the machine. I just need to work out how many stitches to cast on as machine knitting is a lot firmer than hand knitting so | will need more stitches than are on a hand knitting pattern.

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