Sunday, 25 February 2007

Afternoon out

I just had an afternoon out in Bolton meeting up with some friends for a knit out in the Cafe Nero in Bolton. I am not sure what the passers by think of us all blithely knitting away in the window seats but the assistants don't seem to mind us being in there unless of course they get a rush on!

I am still suffering the after effects of heaving a reluctant dog into the bath yesterday for a shower. My back is protesting vehemently! I didn't realise a) that he was quite that heavy or b) that he would give himself a really good shake half way through the shower resulting in a rather wet me and an even wetter bathroom. Memo for next time - more towels and wear a wet suit?

I came back this afternoon to a very sheepish dog. I haven't quite found out what he has done this time but I am sure it must be something. He gives himself away with the hound dog look. Yesterday when I left him for an hour he had managed to get the cat's dinner from the back of the worktop and eat it, throwing the kitchen mat into the dining room in the process. I think today he was sleeping on my bed whilst I was away ( well I hope that's all he did whilst I was away)

We have just been out on our second walk of the day. met up with this mad woman who was whooping to her dogs all around the park? She had wild staring eyes and was really weird. ( yes - even weirder than me folks) I pretended I was going the other way just to get away from her but when I turned another corner she was coming the other way again!! Hope she wasn't stalking us. Never seen her before. Let's hope I don't see her again!

The photo is just some of the finished projects I have either knitted or crocheted since Christmas. I have given away a pile almost as big. The production line will slow down now as the dog thinks he is a lap dog and I am finding it difficult to knit or crochet with him at the moment, I am hoping he will settle down when he realises he is here for the duration and not demand quite so much attention.

I have just broken up a skirmish between the cat and dog. The cat is 15yrs old, deaf and very skinny and now has to vault up to the work top for his food. I lift him up whenever I can because I feel so sorry for him but I cannot leave his food at floor level anymore as the dog has colitis and if he eats cat food he is liable to get an upset stomach. The cat is used to the dog as they lived together for a few months but he is a bit too old for all this trauma! I have only been an official dog owner since Thursday and already it feels like a life time! I feel like I work at the zoo. When I am not feeding them, walking the dog I am Poo Picker and Cat Litter changer! I think it was easier when I had a small baby!

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