Tuesday, 20 February 2007

Laws of probability

Is it just me or is there a law of probability? Today I was in the house except for about 10 mins when I had to nip to a neighbours. So when did Parcelforce choose to try to deliver my son's parcel? Yes you guessed it - in those missing 10 mins. I am sure there is some evil pixie working some kind of magic over my life making sure that nothing is ever easy! I then had to go to the Post Office and stand (and stand ) in a queue with identification pressed in my hot little hand until the body behind the counter deigned to ring her little bell saying cashier number 2! I am sure if I had stayed in all day they would pick the one minute when I answer a call of nature to ring my doorbell with the parcel anyway. Last time I had a parcel delivery they must have tapped on the brickwork with a wet sponge as I was in ( no noise in the house) and never heard them. I think the pixie just wants me to experience back pain every time I expect a parcel. I have to walk to the local Post Office as there is no-where within 300yds to park anywhere near it anyway. I think the answer is to sit on the stairs with the front door ajar with a flask, a sandwich and a potty at the ready!

I finally finished dog draught excluder number 2 who almost looks like dog number 1 except his face is darker. I photographed him on the top of the pram blanket I made last week so he would appear differently to the first. he will hopefully be adopted into a new home when my son picks him (and the parcel) up after work.

I am in charge of a friend's mobile phone to answer queries about stretch limo hire as he has gone away for 2 weeks. He hadn't left the airport before I got the first call. Is this the start of a new career? Receptionist to a budding business man. Let's hope I don't make any double bookings or make an error otherwise it will be a very short lived career!

I almost bought 2 plums in Marks and Spencer until the till girl said Gosh 70p a plum aren't they expensive! I said yes they are , I don't want them! I know their produce is good but I am on a limited budget and so I just stuck to the Jazz Jazz apples at £2.49 for 4. My treat for the week. Usually it's a bag of budget apples from Tesco but last week they were all bruised and horrible I finished up throwing most of them away so it was not a budget as far as I was concerned. I think I will make an effort to get to the market next week for fish, fruit and veg. Another chance to maim the unwary with my wheelie trolley!

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